The EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme (METP), launched in July 2006, is a four-year intergovernmental cooperation project between the EU and China in the field of international trade. Built within the dynamic context of continuously developing relations between the EU and China, the programme will enhance business expertise by developing European and Chinese human resources.
  METP could not come at a better time to capitalise on the new trading reality. In 2004, the EU became China's largest trading partner, and today China is already the EU's second largest trading partner, rapidly catching up on the USA in trade flow terms.
  In view of the growing integration of the world economic system, we are now witnessing the need  and motivation for both China and the EU to understand and become familiar with each other's business practices:

  • In China the new generation of enterprises and organisations ranging from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to business federations, are interested in broadening the scope of their managerial expertise so as to build on the wide foundations of Chinese social and economic reforms. The METP aims at contributing to China¨s reform process through the transfer of know-how to key players in the Chinese society.
  • Meanwhile, the EU is developing a greater interest in the growth of an efficient, sustainable and prosperous China as increasing numbers of European companies start investing and growing roots across the country. Therefore the programme aims at enhancing the capacity of EU managers to act with confidence in the Chinese business environment, improving their capacity to succeed.

  The METP is a joint response to these needs and interests coming from both sides and the commitment of the EU to support China's endeavours in improving the skills of managers from SMEs and NGOs in particular.
  At the highest level, the Chinese leadership is continuing to support China's economic liberalisation, giving increasing space to private interests and individual creative enterprise. The Programme supports these historic changes by offering sound experience and sensible advice from market-driven Europe to managerial staff setting off on routes that are undergoing intensive development in China.

METP Basic Facts

  ¢The EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme (METP) provides support for exchange and training support to Chinese and European managers.
  ¢The programme intends to organise training and internships for 200 Chinese and 200 European managers in both China and Europe.
  ¢The METP is a four-year intergovernmental project between the European Commission and the Government of the People's Republic of China.
  ¢The programme is implemented by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) in close consultation with the Ministry of Commerce on the Chinese side and the European Commission Delegation in China on the European side.
  ¢The total funding to the Programme in four years will be 23,000,000 euros, of which the contribution of the European Commission is 17,200,000 euros. The Chinese side will provide financial contributions of 3,450,000 euros and/or in-kind contributions to the counter-value of 2,350,000 euros.

Programme Overview

  The METP takes up the positive experience gained from the EU Junior Managers Training Programme (JMTP) which was implemented in China from 1999 to 2003. The JMTP provided language training for some 150 young European managers.

METP Objectives

  ¢To support China's reform process and to promote mutual understanding between China and EU through the development of human resources.
  ¢To meet the demand for EU-China cooperation in improving the management and intercultural exchange capacity of key players in the profit and non-profit sectors.

METP C Fields of Activities

  ¢Training of Chinese managers
  ¢Training of European managers
  ¢Development of intercultural capacities and skills
  ¢Cooperation with EUCMA C the Alumni Association
  ¢Capacity building for Chinese institutions