Academic Support Services


UIBE provides Teaching and Learning Commons to bring together faculty, administrators and student life professionals - across disciplinary lines- to create a culture of shared purpose, to audit the extent to which the educational environment is successfully advancing the expected learning for all groups of students, and to benefit from existing and new efforts to foster student engagement and high achievement.

A Writing Center is to enhance student writing skills across a variety of academic disciplines. In addition to offering courses and seminars on writing, tutors provide free services to students at UIBE. These services include 45-minute face-to-face sessions and an online tutoring system that allows students to submit writing and receive feedback via the web. The face-to-face sessions take place by appointment. Students can submit a draft to the online tutor at any time and will receive response during working hours. Students can use the Center services every two weeks.

Understanding and respect between cultures is the key to success in the global arena. The Club for Intercultural Communication (CIC) will bring together the faculty interested in intercultural communication to provide courses, seminars and services to develop intercultural awareness, understanding and skills for today’s increasingly global academic and business environments. It delivers academic and career internship programs, seminars and workshops to enhance instructional skills for faculty and advance the intercultural skills of the students to ensure success in the diversified global environment.


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