Finance (International Finance and Investment)


Cultivation Objectives

In the International Postgraduate Program in Finance, the students will have a good appreciation of applied finance with solid advanced economics and finance theory, strong cross-cultural communication ability and proficiency in international and China’s economics and finance.

The students will be trained in advanced applied talents and reach higher management level mainly in the central banks, the multinational banks, the transnational investment banks, the fund organizations, the insurance companies, the financial sector in large industrial companies, the finance consultancy firms as well as the relevant management departments. Most graduates are mainly engaged in the positions of analysis, judgment and decision on investment or financing, mastering the international financial markets, research and judgment on relevant government financial policies, advanced financial management and etc. 

Core Courses

Intermediate Microeconomics

Intermediate Macroeconomics




International Finance

Corporate Finance

Financial Risk Management

Degree Granted

Master’s degree of economics


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