International Law


Cultivation Objectives

Generally, to cultivate high-quality international legal talents in teaching, public services and international practice of law, with their advanced knowledge and critical understanding of Chinese law, and their capability of deepening scholarship or tackling complex legal issues accordingly in commercial and economic fields.

Specifically, to advance students’ research methodologies and strategies, to enable them to comprehend and evaluate the theories and principles in selected research areas, to critically but creatively analyze the practice in these areas, and to create, deploy or defend an argument in writing or orally.

Core Courses

Courses on Comparative Legal Studies

National Legal Systems

Comparative Legal Studies

Traditional Chinese Law and Legal System

Introduction to Common Law

Constitutional & Administrative Law

Comparative Constitutional Law

The US Constitution

Comparative Administrative Law

Civil Law

Civil Law

Comparative Civil Procedure Law

Comparative Property Law

Comparative Intellectual Property Law

Commercial/Business Law

Comparative Company Law

Comparative Securities Law

Comparative Banking Law

Law and Finance

Comparative Maritime Law

Law and Technology

Economic Law

Competition Law

Environmental Law

Comparative Labor Law

Comparative Employment Discrimination Law

Dispute Settlement

The Commercial Arbitration

Negotiations and Dispute Settlement


Legal Issues In Doing Business in China

Courses on International Legal Studies

International Law in General

Public International Law

Private international law

International Business/Commercial Law

International Business Law

International Sales Law

The 1980 Vienna Convention on the Sales of Good "CISG" 

International Commercial Arbitration

International Economic Law

The Law of the World Trade Organization

WTO Law on Trade in Services

Practice on Trade Remedies

The WTO Dispute Settlement

International Investment Law

International Investment Agreements and the Investor-State Arbitration

Degree Granted

Doctor of Law


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