Notice about Studying Status Management of International Students


Dear international students:

In order to standardize the management of international students and maintain a satisfactory educational order, specifications on Administration Procedures for Student Status are made in light of the Regulations of the Ministry of Education on the Management of University Students:

1.  International students must settle their payment and conclude registration procedures in the specified period to maintain their qualification to study. Students who cannot register as scheduled must submit their application to the School of International Education (SIE) before registration so they can register late upon school’s approval. Students must complete their payment and registration on the dates that they are approved to register. Students who don’t register upon school approval in two weeks will have their studying status cancelled.

2.   Students are required to submit their applications in accordance with the following schedule. Late applications will not be processed:


Processing time


Leave  of Absence

Spring SemesterMay 20-30th

Fall SemesterDecember 1-10th

Applicable to all degree students

Resuming Study

Spring SemesterJune 1~10th

Fall SemesterDecember 10-20th

Applicable to all degree students



Spring SemesterMay3-10th

Applicable to undergraduate students. Master and Doctoral students are not allowed to change their majors.

Early Graduation

5th semesterNovember 20-30th

Applicable to undergraduate and doctoral students.

Extending Study

Spring SemesterJune 1-10th

Applicable to all degree students. Students who are waiting for exam results in the eighth semester need also to apply in this period. When their graduation requirement is fulfilled, extension application will become invalid and they can receive their diploma.

Reissuing Student Card

13:30~16:00, every Wednesday

Applicable to all degree students

Normally it will cost 3~4 weeks to complete.


3.  Attendance is an important part of school administration. It is not only related to the safety of students but also serve as the basis for school reward and punishment. SIE will draw on the attendance records submitted by all schools to issue warning, expulsion or other disciplinary instruct to related students.

4.  Students in Chinese-taught Program who have not submitted their Chinese names during application are supposed to do it within one month of registration. Once the Chinese name is entered to the system, it cannot be changed during the whole study period.

Please pass around above regulation to your fellow classmates. Thank you for your cooperation!


School of International Education,University of International Business and Economics

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