Brief Introduction

About International Student Union (ISU)

ISU is a student-based organization under the management of the international students’ affairs council. ISU aims to enhance knowledge, improve communication, provides help in developing student, to actively stimulate self-education, self-management, and self-service capabilities, to provide assistance for students to develop various student activities, promptly respond to the needs of every international students, as well as to encourage better communication towards mainland Chinese students.

ISU history and development

Before 2000, international students were differentiated by individual countries and agencies, follow instructions from the teachers, leading the life of typical students.

In 2000, UIBE ISU was established. The newly established ISU consisted of the studies department, arts and sports department, and the life department. Sometimes later, arts and sports department was divided into 2 departments: arts & culture department and Sports department, added with liaison department, progressing towards specialization.

In 2007, the third ISU period had added publication department which specializes in marketing and publications of ISU activities. In this period, ISU had formally implemented an open and fair electoral system, in which every student of different nationalities may select their preferred ISU president. This signifies of a maturing system within the students-managed organization.

Ever since ISU is established, the organization has promptly grasped the studying environment of the university students, actively holding various cultural and sports activities, enriching international students’ life in addition to classes, helping international students overcome various difficulties, encouraging communication between different nationalities, progressing altogether, ISU has truly become a home to every international students. Being active in both recreational and sports activities to enrich students’ after-school life, ISU keeps abreast of students’ study and living and offer helps to them. It facilitates the communication between students and helps them to progress together. ISU and all other associations will be the students’ home and welcome each student to join.

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