Customs and Health Examination



According to China Custom’s Entry and Exit Baggage Regulations to Non-resident Students, luggage-taken should be based on personal use and limited to living necessaries. After customs examination, the carried items valued less than RMB 500 for reasonable personal use will be exempt from customs duties. Items valued over RMB 1,000 for reasonable personal use will be done clearance with customs duties.

For the fi­rst entry, any student without Valued-Over-RMB 1,000 items will be given customs clearance. Students carrying Valued-Over-RMB 1,000 items should, within a month after getting the Resident Permit, take the Luggage Declaration Form sealed by Customs during entry, passport, Resident Permit and studying certi­ficate, and go to Beijing Customs to fi­ll in the Application Form for Duty-free Personal Use Goods for clearance. The application will take 10 working days to be approved. Customs seal obtained at the customs is not allowed to be removed without permission. When doing baggage inspection and clearance formalities at Customs, the students need to show the proof of identity and the customs seal. Please keep customs seal properly as no make-up will be given for loss. Items passed Customs should not be transferred to any organization or individual in China.

Health Examination

According to the request of the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, foreign students who attend our School for 6 months or more need to conduct medical check-up. With cost around RMB 400, the examination requires empty stomach and usually takes 3-5 days to receive the result.

Having passed the physical check-up, you will receive a Health Certi­ficate. If you are examined in your home country, the exam must take place in a public hospital within 6 months before coming to China. The check-up form must be the same as is used in China (obtained from the University or Chinese Embassy) and contain your photo bearing the hospital's official stamp. With the original laboratory test reports attached, the conclusion part should contain the doctor's signature. After your arrival in China, these health records must be confi­rmed at the aforesaid agency. After your physical check-up results are reviewed and passed, you will receive a Health Certi­ficate. Otherwise, you must take the examination once again at a hospital in Beijing or at the aforesaid agency.

Beijing Health Quarantine Bureau:

Address: Hygiene and healthcare Center for International Travel, No. 10 Dezheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: (86-10)82403675

Medical Care & Insurance

Students should pay medical bills at their own expense. The School In­firmary services as an out-patient clinic where students with illness can go directly with Student ID cards. Acute and serious illness can be treated in the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital. About 500 meters to the south of the university, the hospital is an appointed one for foreigners for its first-level medical equipments and technology in Beijing.

According to the Interim Provisions about Foreign Students of Higher Education Purchasing Insurance, which is launched by the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China, all international students studying in our university for more than 6 months should purchase the Comprehensive Insurance from quali­fied and contracted Insurance Company of China. The prices are as follows: RMB 600 for 12-month insurance and RMB 300 for 6-month insurance.

Students, who study less than 6 months and do not have insurance of standard, should also buy the insurance mentioned above. The standard insurance should be FPA (Free from Particular Average), which insures a ­fixed indemnity for death and disability. The insured amount for death shall not be less than RMB100, 000; accidental injury insurance shall not be less than RMB100, 000; hospital medical insurance shall not be less than RMB400, 000. Individual life insurance policy cannot serve as recognized document for school registration and application of residence permit.

During registration, the personnel of the Insurance Company of China will be on the spot to help students ­finish related procedures. Students who do not purchase insurance cannot go through the registration. Please contact the staff in the School of International Education timely for acute or serious illness. We will not hesitate to help students to ensure your good health and study. 

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