Regulation for Non-degree Programs

In order to provide a good teaching-learning environment the school is here to introduce some major requirements concerning your learning and living at UIBE, which are expecting your earnest implementation.

1. Class Grouping Policy

1) Placement Interview

The School of International Education adopts class teaching system. Students to study Chinese shall enter the placement interview for class grouping.

(1) Placement interview arranged at the beginning of the semester:

When register, each student will receive a notice to enter the entrance interview for placement of class. Those who are unable to attend this first placement interview should apply to the Department of Academic Affairs (DAARoom207School of International Education)for the arrangement of a late interview.

(2) Late placement interview

With DAA’s approval, students will have their late placement interview in DAA office according to the appointed time.

(3) Class grouping based on the placement interview

Grouping of classes based on students’ performance during the interview will be put up on the Announcement Board on the ground floor of the school building. Students are expected to attend respective classes in accordance with the announcement of class grouping.

Those who attended late placement interview will get a Placement Notice from DAA and go to his/her class accordingly. 

Those whose name is not on the placement list should register with the DAA first, then get the placement notice.

No class should accept any student whose name is not on the class grouping list, nor with a placement notice form DAA.

2) Transfer of Class

(1) In principle, no transfer is to be attended once the classes are grouped.

(2) However, if the student, having attended the assigned class twice, believes that the actual level of the class is either far below or above his own, he/she may apply for transfer. The applicant may submit his/her application together with the corresponding lecturer’s assessment report on the forth day (weekend excluded) of the semester to the General Director in charge of DAA for consideration. While waiting for approval, the applicant remains in his/her original class. Approval for class transfer will be notified in the afternoon of the fifth day (weekend excluded) of the semester on the Announcement Board in school building. Thereafter the student may go to the newly assigned class.

2. Attendance Policy

1) Observe University Stipulations

Students of UIBE should observe the attendance discipline that is to be on time for class, active participating and no absence without asking for leave.

2) Request for Leave

(1) For sick leave or other personal leave the student should have a written request in either Chinese or English, have it approved by your teacher, and then submit it to DAA. If the request is written by other people, it should bear your signature

(2) To ask for more than two days (two days included) leave for sickness or other personal affairs, a written request has to be submitted directly to DAA which will in turn report the case to the School for approval. Sick leave longer than two days must have a medical certificate from hospital; otherwise the absentee is to be considered playing truant.

(3) During the semester (public holidays not included) no permission for travel leaves, nor travel on business.

3) Warnings on Infringement of Attendance Policy

Each class keeps everyday attendance checking; the school has the record collected every month. To breaches of attendance discipline the school’s policy is as the following:

(1) Three times late for class or early leaving for no excuse at all is to be recorded as being absent once.

(2) For breaches of attendance discipline in a good month, the penalty is a circulated notice of criticism.

(3) Disciplinary warning or persuasion to quit for two consecutive months’ circulated notice of criticism.

(4) Student with low attendance (lower than 20%) is to be considered automatically drop-out. School of International Education shall not retain his/her status as a student.

3. Examination

1) Qualification

Those whose attendance of class is lower than 25% are not qualified to enter for exams of the course(s) taken; therefore no credits will be obtained.

2) Exemptions

Applications for exemptions from taking a particular course or an exam should be submitted to DAA for permission. 

3) Early or Deferred Examination

In principle DAA grants no approval for early or deferred examinations. However, if there should be some special circumstances beyond human control, application for an early or deferred examination should be submitted to DAA three weeks before the end of the semester. With DAA’s approval such examinations may be arranged. The fee for each specially arranged examination is 200.

4) Assessment of the Semester

Assessment of the semester is made up of three parts: student’s daily performance 30% (of which participation makes up one third); mid-term performance 20%; and the final exam 50%.

4. Certificate and Credential

1) Status Credential

This is to verify your student’s status. The school may issue such credential for students in need. You need first to register at DAA, leave two work days for the office to go through the necessary documents, and then collect your status credential. 

2) Study Credential

This is to certify your study experience at School of International Education. It is issued to those who will not get a certificate for completion of studies (Failing more than one major courses or accumulated absence from class reaches one quarter of the total periods).

3) Certificate of Completion of Studies

(1) Certificate of Completion of Studies and Performance Report are to be issued at the end of each semester to students who have passed all the courses.

(2) School of International Education will keep the above two documents for those who fail to claim them at the end of the semester for half a year. Any late claiming shall be charged the reproduction fee which is 100.  

5. Others

1) Quit School

DAA is to attend quit-school applications. Students who quit in the first week of the semester will get 70% of the tuition refunded; within the second week will get 50% refunded; after the second week not refunding of tuition. (This does not refer to dropouts by school.) 

2) Student Card

(1) When register please have a 2.2cm x 3.2cm photo with you for your student card. Two weeks after registration you may collect it from the teacher in charge of your class. Students who register late may go to DAA office to collect it according to your notice.

(2) In case of student card lost, reporting lost to DAA first, and one week after the loss-reporting the student may get a new card issued. 

3) Take Good Care of Environment and Public Property

(1) Please take good care of the environment and public property. No littering; no staining walls; no scrabbling and scrawling on desks, and no damaging teaching equipment, or compensation will be charged accordingly.

(2) No-smoking on campus.

(3) Observe classroom disciplines. Playing mobile phone, chatting in class and leaving classroom without asking for permission are all regarded as infringing classroom disciplines, therefore disturbing other students. The instructor may ask the student to leave and record it as being absent. 

(4) To create an ideal Chinese-learning environment is to the benefit to every student, therefore you are encouraged to use Chinese instead of your native language to communicate in classrooms. 



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