Regulations on Accomodation Management

In order to provide a nice and comfortable environment to foreign students on campus, the Center has laid down the “Regulations on the Administration of the Hostel for Foreign Students on Campus” for all of them to observe. Penalties, such as a notice of warning, an order of a fine and even an order of expulsion, would be imposed on a case of violation of the regulations.

Housing Application and Assignment

1. As a housing applicant, you should present your completed application form together with your admission notice and your valid passport or any other identification card to the Housing Office.

2. You should take the room assigned to you by the Housing Office. You are not allowed to move to any other room without permission.

3. In case your roommate moves out of your room, the Housing Office will find you a new roommate with your personal nationality and habits taken into proper consideration. If you refuse to accept your new roommate, you should be responsible for all the rent for the room.

Housing Payment

1. You should make a deposit of USD100 or an approximate number of RMB when you check in, which will be refunded to you against the receipt when you check out.

2. You may pay the rent in RMB for your room on the 1st - the 5th every other month. Your delay will cost you 5% of the rent you owe. And a delay of more than five days will cause an order of check-out.

3. In case you check out before the end of a semester on your own initiative, the total sum of the rent for your room should cover additional five nights.

4. In case you go home or on a trip to some other places for seven or more than seven days during the summer or winter vacation, you should pay an appropriate amount of management fee instead of the rent. In case of less than seven days you should pay all the rent without any deduction.

5. A residents for a short stay should make a deposit when s/he moves in, and the housing office will charge the rent upon the receipt of the deposit when s/he checks out.

Housing Disciplines

1. You should observe all the Chinese laws and regulations closely and refrain yourself from any illegal activities in the hostel.

2. You are not allowed to keep any inflammables or explosives or set off any firecrackers or fireworks in the hostel.

3. You are not allowed to extend the electric wire or use any of your home appliances, such as an electric stove, a washing machine, etc., in your room.

4. You should not smoke in bed or litter any cig-end anywhere in the hostel.

5. You should take good care of all the facilities or equipment in your room or any other place in the hostel. In case you find anything wrong with them, you may call the Housing Office in time instead of trying your own best to put them in order.

6. You should not move any of the furniture around in your room. In case of any damage you should pay for it.

7. You are not allowed to make your foot prints, draw any pictures or put up any ads on the walls in your room.

8. You should not keep your personal belongings in the corridor or any other place in the hostel.

9. You should not hang up anything outside of the window or litter any garbage out of the window.

10. You are not allowed to keep your pets in the hostel.

Housing Security

1. Everyone should stand on guard against fire. Those who have caused the outbreak of a fire should be held responsible for all the damages or even brought before the court.

2. Everyone should also be on guard against theft. You are advised to lock the door before you leave your room and have your valuables deposited in the checkroom. In case you have lost your key, you should go and get your new key at the front counter without any delay and pay the charge.

3. The gate of the hostel closes at 23:00 from Monday to Friday, but it stays open till 24:00 on weekends and holidays. The timetable of the hostel is for all the residents to observe.

4. You should show your room card to the guard at the gate if he asks you to do so. Your visitors should go to the front counter to fill in the registration form. Proper dress is to be expected in the hostel.

5. You should not let your visitors use your room for the night. In case of any necessity, s/he may go to the front counter for check in.

6. You should save electricity by turning off all the electric facilities before you leave your room. You should pay for the charge on the over-quota of electricity, as the quota is limited to 80-100 kilowatts-hour for each and every room.

7. You should turn off the tap tight so as to save running water.

8. Everyone should have a strong sense of quiet hour so as not to have anyone else disturbed in their rest or work.

9. You should check out or register at the front counter upon your departure for home or for a trip to some other places, and the key to your room should be turned in to the Housing Office.

10. You are expected to co-operate with all the working staff. In case you have violated any of the regulations and received a notice of penalty, you should go to the Housing Office within 48 hours to pay the penalty.

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