Public Administration Management (International Economics and Trade Management)



Public Administration (International Economics and Trade Management) is set up for overseas students, aiming at introducing to them the relevant governmental agencies and mechanisms of Chinese government's foreign trade management, procedures and modes of import and export management. Courses are based on the idea of multi-angle and multidisciplinary, and are extensive, targeted and practical. Our faculty members possess sound foundation of theoretical knowledge and experiences of foreign trade managementand master relevant laws and policies of foreign trade management

Main Courses



Practice of International Trade

Administration on Taxation

Economic and Trade Policy Analysis

Introduction to business

Professional Advantages and Career Development

Public Administration (For International economics and Trade Management) program endeavors to cultivate students into high-quality professionals with solid public administration foundation, high humanistic quality, wide knowledge and skills of foreign economic management, international vision and the ability to understand and execute national policies. These qualities will enable our graduates to meet the requirements of modern, scientific and professional management and to involve in foreign economic management business in contexts as members of government institutions, business communities, public organizations and international organizations.

After graduation, students usually work in global top 500 enterprises and financial institutions. Some of them also pursue further studies in many fields including Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, and Management.

Cultivation and Faculty Highlights

Training Objective

Aiming at cultivate students into high-quality professionals with international vision, creative spirits, and solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practices of international economics and trade management.

Cultivation Highlights

covering all levels and angles of International economics and trade management, for example, the fields of customs management, import and export community quality control, and intellectual property management, etc; instructing ways and methods to manage foreign trade according to the characteristics of overseas students; Organizing students to visit foreign trade management departments in China and experience China’s foreign trade management. 

Faculty Highlights

Most of our faculty members possess international backgrounds, sound foundation of theoretical knowledge and experiences of foreign trade management, and master relevant laws and policies of foreign trade management.

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