Target Applicants

International high-school graduates who have passed UIBE’s application process 

Credits Requirement

The total number of credits required for a bachelor’s degree is 146, consisting of 120 course credits (including 58 credits of general courses, 50 credits of major related courses and 12 credits of required courses in specialized areas) and 26 credits of legal practice related courses.

Cultivation Objectives

Generally, to cultivate and systematically teach legal talents to master basic legal knowledge, possess international vision and be equipped with legal thinking methodology and application ability. Specifically, to possess a complete structure of legal knowledge, the ability of reading and writing legal instruments in Chinese, English (or other language), and the basic skills to practice law.

Degree Requirement

Students who fulfill the credit requirement and complete a graduation project will be awarded the bachelors degree in law.

Core courses of law

Course Name


Course Description

Basic Theories of Law


Introduction of the history and culture of law and legal thinking methodology by lectures, discussion and case studies.

16 main courses drafted by Ministry of Education


To assist the students with understanding basic legal structure, to have comprehensive knowledge of Chinese department law, and to cultivate their abilities to pass China's National Judicial Examination.

International Commercial Law


Comprehensive course about international business and trade law, including contract law, company law, international sales of goods, maritime law, law of negotiable instrument, letter of credit, insurance, and international commercial arbitration.

International Commercial Negotiation and Dispute Settlement


To enhance knowledge and skills in international commercial negotiations and dispute settlement by lecture, case studies, and active participation and simulation. 

Legal Research and Writing


Teaching and practicing methods of online legal research, as well as systematically training through research compilation and legal thesis writing.



Systematic introduction of the basic knowledge and recent development of WTO law by case studies.

International Sales of Goods


Lectures on the basic rules of international sales of goods by systematic teaching and case studies.

Comparative Commercial Organization Law


Lectures on the legal mechanism of commercial organizations such as partnership and corporation by case studies and comparative research.

Comparative Contract Law


Lectures on Eastern and Western contract law by case studies and comparative research.

International Financial Law and Security Law


Lectures on basic knowledge of financial law and security law.


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