Chinese Language & Literature (International Business Chinese, New Media, Simultaneous Interpretation)


Program Description

The school of Chinese Language and Literature presently offers a bachelor’s program in Chinese Language & Literature (International Business Chinese) to international students. This undergraduate program is designed for international students to help them attain proficiency in both Chinese and English oral and writing skill, and qualify them for the field of Sino-foreign cultural and business exchange with a wide range of background knowledge in international trade. 

Core courses

Intensive Business Reading

Business Reading

Business Writing

Speaking and Audio-visual training (Business Chinese)

International Business Culture

Modern Business Etiquette

Introduction to Chinese Economy

Chinese Foreign Trade

Cultural Industry and Trade

Chinese Popular Culture Study

Professional Advantages

1. Meet the international society for Chinese especially business Chinese talented person's demand. Broaden the channels of employment by raising the students’ ability of Chinese language using in the business environment.

2. Much attention will be given to the improvement of Chinese communication and writing skills in order to produce graduates with a strong grasp of Chinese.

3. Improve students’ ability in real world situations regarding international trade and allow graduates to find work in related fields.

4. Improve students’ ability to communicate in English, by utilizing English to help them learn Chinese.

5. Improve students’ abilities in cultural exchange, advertising and editing through repeated instruction and practice.

Employment orientation

1. Multinational Corporations

2. International Media Organizations 

3. Government Departments

4. Cultural exchange Departments 

5. Training Departments

Outstanding graduates

Japanese student OTOBE EMA(乙部慧磨)is an alumni who graduated in 2010 with excellent proficiency in the Chinese language. She passed HSK test 11 when she was a sophomore, and participated in various Chinese competitions during her time at UIBE. She also held an important post in the foreign student council which served to improve her communications skills. A number of companies and organizations, such as Japan branch office of China's xinhua news agency expressed interest in OTOBE EMA when she graduated. She currently works at a prestigious Japanese advertising agency and continues to impress superiors with her professionalism and dedication to her job.  

Curriculum and Faculty

1. Intensive training in practical business Chinese skills during formal occasions

2. Promoting intercultural communicative competence

3. Curriculum combination of ‘CHINESE’ ‘Business’ and ‘English’

4. Interdisciplinary personnel training system

5. A faculty with many years of instructional experience and deep background in research

6. Time tested instructional methods and academic management capabilities

School of International Education,University of International Business and Economics

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