IUP Trips to 798 Art District and Beijing Botanical Garden

To enrich students' extracurricular life, IUP (International Undergraduate Program) students are organized for two excursions to 798 Art District and to the Beijing Botanical Garden in the month of April 2018.

In the complex of 50-year-old decommissioned military factory buildings boasting a unique architectural style, students of this modern age enjoyed the opportunity to take pictures and “selfies” of and with beautiful paintings, intricate designs and outstanding sculptures; those that showed the creative mindset of artist and the cultural pieces that displayed China’s traditions, which will enhance the upcoming papers due for Chinese Culture class. Moreover the conversion of a military factory base to an iconic art zone is sure cultivate students in the mindset that with the right approach anything of age can be altered to beauty or a contribution to society.

The Beijing Botanical Garden hosts an allure of nature with its variety of plants that brings a peace of mind to students, more than ever as it is away from the bustle of the city. Once again, students displayed their pictorial skills with the sceneries at hand in addition, regarding the Buddhist temple students learned more about a religion that is part of Chinese culture, again adding to the content available for Chinese Culture papers. The architecture of the temple was also a sight to see as well as how the Chinese citizens paid their respect.

Students were excited for these excursions and were quite happy with both, not only for the addition to their galleries but the cultural knowledge attained as well as interacting with Chinese citizens in a different setting. Several students felt that they became united and more considerate to their fellow program mates. Bonds that were not possible due to different years in the program were made and experience was shared, the attendees are grateful and were rejuvenated for their study life. 

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