The International Cultural Festival in 2017 Kicked off


The 8th international Cultural Festival of UIBE, co-held by Beijing Municipal People’s government foreign affairs office and UIBE, kicked off. This time, the theme is “the young messenger in silk road”, appealing to the students to exchange their culture and learn from each other in the worldwide. Over 60 countries and districts’ diplomatic envoys were invited to participate.

  The president of UIBE Wang Jiaqiong said that the international Cultural Festival is an event for Chinese and foreign students to exchange, is the world and regional civil society organization to enhance understanding and cooperation platform, has become the UIBE’s international characteristics of a business card. China ‘s college students set up in 2015 “along the way” collaborative development of action center, youth activities,  youth exchanges, youth reaserches as the core, all-round help “ all the way’s youth activities”. Hope that this session of the international Cultural Festival as an opportunity for the trade of Chinese and foreign students to build a mutual education, friendly exchange platform.

  The list of Ambassador wish is a new highlight of this international Cultural Festival. The ambassadors wrote down their wish in advance, then some person sorted out as a list and announced at the opening ceremony. Different nations but the same wish concluded the bright future with the win-win cooperation.

 This year’s international Cultural Festival has “re-take the Silk Road””overview of the world situation””beautiful Chinese style” three exhibition areas, a total of 67 countries and regional booths. Among them, “re- take the Silk Road”, a total of 37 booths, the exhibition distinguished in accordance with the ancient Silk Road footprints arranged in the national order, in series from the “all the way” along the countries and regions.


  Professors and students representatives of UIBE also joined afternoon tea with the 28 envoys in China , making the unique of the Festival.

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