Working group on the ministry of commerce came to our university to evaluate the masters for foreign aid project’s performance


From March 7th to 8th ,a group of ministry commerce came to do site investigation and evaluate the  implementation of IEMBA undertaken by UIBE.The deputy director general of department of commerce Mrs.Guo,the vice president of the institute for the international commercial officers of the ministry of commerce Mr.Liu,the researcher of the foreign economic of administrative department of political science and law of the ministry of finance Mr.Huang, the experts of project evaluation and some staffs of HSZT attended this evaluation.

On the morning,accompanied by the vice president Mr.Zhao,the members of evaluation group visited the teaching facilities of the international school and foreigners apartment,did site investigation for the students’ teaching conditions and living facilities.The experts consulted relevant materials and credentials of routines and financial management,knew some other relevant things. Meanwhile,the staffs of HSZT did one-to-one satisfaction survey and in-depth inverviews,more clearly and directly knowing the members attitudes and implementation of the project.

On the afternoon,the group members and the project managers in UIBE held the research symposium in the executive room 222 of Administrative Building.The president of international school Mr.Han, the deputy president Mr.Li,the representative of project teachers and each department head teacher of International school attended this meeting. The professor Mr.Li of the government magement college of Beijing Normal University,the foreign affairs director Mrs.Zhou of geology and earth physics of the Chinese academy of sciences,the senior accountant Mr.Wang of stated-owned assets management company of Chinese academy of sciences and other experts fully recognized our implementation in this project,discussed and offered much instructional advice.

On the second day morning,the party secretary of our university Mr.Jiang met with the group in 1001 meeting room of Administrative Building. In this meeting,Mr.Jiang firstly represented UIBE to show warm welcome and appreciation and hoped the directors offer more instructive advice.As the cobuild university by the ministry of commerce and the ministry of education,we will make better contribution to China’s foreign aid cause ,At the same time ,hoped get more support in the bitop university construction from the ministry of commerce.Mrs.Guo gave thanks to our warm reception and briefly introduced the background and meaning of this evaluated work,pointed that this project is a essential part of national diplomatic strategy,having unique significance and far-reaching influence.This is the first time the ministry of commerce did such evaluation for foreign aids masters education project,hope through this evaluation find and solve problems,improve the manage level to ensure the steady development of project.Mrs.Guo thanked for UIBE’s support and contribution to the project and hoped we can make persistent efforts to build into a boutique brand project.

After this meeting,our school held the project’s work report,held by the vice present,Mr.Zhao.The vice president introduced the development of UIBE and the international feature firstly, then gave a summary report in every aspects of the project.The exports and representatives gave suggestions aiming at different ways.Mr.Zhao gratitude their recognition and advice,saying UIBE would seriously analysis these advice and problems to improve the management level and strength the teaching quality.


UIBE took seriously to this evaluation and with the support of the ministry of commerce,we will perfect the manage structure and operation pattern,improve the internal quality and build more contribution to the foreign aids education. 

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