The journey to know Huairou for foreign students of UIBE


On Dec.22nd,sponsored by the national foundation study,undertaken by UIBE,the journey to know Huairou successfully held.34 preparatary funds scholarships students,from 22 countries,participated this activity.

The first step was in the Huairou campus of Beijing 101 high school.The come of foreign students received warm welcome from students and teachers.To make the foreigners experience better,the school prepared many special courses.the foreigners were divided into several groups to take different courses to learn Chinese culture.

On the music class, the teacher introduced the history of the folk song The Jasmine and played different editions of it using different traditional instruments.Besides these, the teacher specially prepared the jasmine tea.In this class,foreign students enjoyed the charming of Chinese traditional culture.

On another art class,foreigners saw the traditional arts and craftsbandhnu.teacher leaded the students to do their own bandhnu works.Isa, from KZ,said it was the first time he saw this magical craft and he would cherish his own project.


After lunch,we went to the place held the 2014 APEC meeting and took a photo there.Finally,we came to the campus of Chinese Academy of Science,visited the museum for Bombs and one satellite.





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