Our School Organized 2016 High Degree Students To Participate in additional activities


On Sep. 24th ,our school organized more than 60 oversea students going to the Changping Ming tombs training base to participate in additional activities.

On the way to it,the coach introduced the historical background and geographical conditions to help deepen the realization of the trainees to Beijing as a historical cultural city.After arrival,the trainees played the ice-breaking games with the guidance of trainers.Whthin these games,trainees built the friendship and trust gradually.Through these edutainments,trainees deepened their communications and interactions,and they experienced a sense of accomplishment and the collective sense of honor with teamwork.


After the day ,trainees built deep friendship and sense of responsibility within each other,and profoundly aware the importance of  team communication and work,which laid a good foundation for their study and life in UIBE. 

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