People’s Daily Overseas Edition: A Taste of China Through Tai Chi


In order to learn Chinese culture, you must practice what it preaches and be part of itsays Hope, an international student from Togo, who is now a first year graduate of UIEE graduate school. Watching Bruce Lee movies while growing up, he admires the power of Chinese Kung Fu. Shortly after arriving in China, he became fascinated with Tai Chi. On April 8th 2016, Hope, together with 6 other international students from Benin, Costa Rica, Iran, Canada and Mozambique, took part in the 1st World Tai Chi Cultural Festival as a team and won the Second Prize for Team Eventand Best Team Prize. When passionately shouting out Chinese Tai Chi, all over the world, they were met with long and warm applause from over 2000 audiences.

After every practice, we can harvest both energy and pleasure, says Gaochang from Benin, who has grown into Chinese Tai Chi culture.

A 20-year veteran of Kung Fu teaching, Zhang Xuguang invented Nine-style Tai Chi Exerciseby combining traditional Tai Chi moves with his years of teaching experience. He said, Tai Chi culture forms the core of traditional Chinese culture, which is the source of China’s national spirit, Every international student is like a seed of dandelion, and Tai Chi culture will definitely travel to every corner of the world with these seeds.



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