Graduation Ceremony Held for 2016 UIBE Graduates

 Graduation Ceremony Held for 2016 UIBE Graduates


In the morning of June 25th, graduation ceremony was held for the 2016 foreign graduates in Hongtian Gymnasium. Present at the ceremony were Shi Jianjun, Principal of UIBE, Zhao Zhongxiu, Vice Principal of UIBE, heads of academic affairs and the graduate school as well as nearly 700 graduates together with over 1000 of their parents, families and friends.

This year witnessed diplomas handed out to 656 graduates from 84 countries, including 26 doctors, 236 graduates and 394 under graduates.

At 9am, Mr.Zhao announced the commencement of the ceremony. Then splendid speeches were delivered by graduate representative Jia Menghe and faculty representative Dr.Pei Jiansuo respectively,followed by reading out the List for Outstanding 2016 Graduates by Han Weichun, dean of UIBESIE.

In a grand yet bright atmosphere, Principal Shi gave a passionate speech, in which he hopes that first, graduates shall continue pursuit for truth and persist with studies for the rest of their lives, for only by doing so,one can update his knowledge stock, apply knowledge to practice, improve skills, ability and experience, so as to stay undefeated in times of competition; second, graduates shall be grateful, and give back not only to their parents, families, teachers and friends, but to the whole society,so that the world can be filled with love, and humanity can be highlighted; and third, graduates shall safeguard world peace and promote global economic growth, by being an ambassador of love,friendship, knowledge, cultural exchanges, world peace and development.

During the ceremony, Principal Shi presented diplomas to all graduates and took photos with them one by one.



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