UIBE and Korea to jointly launch Economic Reform Center by Signing Cooperation Agreement in Dongsheng Science Park


 UIBE and Korea to jointly launch Economic Reform Center by Signing Cooperation Agreement in Dongsheng Science Park

On June 22nd, a three-party strategic cooperation agreement was signed between UIBESIE, Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science Park and Inchon Center for Innovative Economy of Korea at Dongsheng Gloria Plaza Hotel. Present at the ceremony are Han Weichun, dean of UIBESIE, Liu Jinlan, party secretary of UIBESIE, Kim Huontak, director of planning at Inchon Center for Innovative Economy of Koreaand Liu Yajie, general manager of Dongsheng Bozhan Group.

During the ceremony, Liu Yajie expressed warm welcome for the participation of Inchon Center for Innovative Economy of Korea and gratitude for the bridging role UIBESIE plays in promoting Sino-Korea entrepreneurial cooperation and for efforts made by the three parties. She praised this cooperation as an successful international endeavor made by the entrepreneurial arm of Dongsheng Science Park, which will usher in a new model for Sino-Korea innovative cooperation.

Mr. Kim expressed gratitude for efforts made by UIBESIE in making this three-party deal possible, and praised the signing as a creative step toward creating a sharing and win-win platform for entrepreneurs in China and Korea.

Ms. Liu said, UIBE gives great importance to entrepreneurship and innovation education. In 2015, the first entrepreneurship assistance center sponsored by Future Innovation, Science and Technology Ministry of Korea was established in UIBE, which has trained 55 trainees with two sessions. Signing of this agreement will further promote cultural and scientific exchanges between the two countries. UIBE will give full play of its advantage as a top higher education institution in connecting start-up enterprises in both countries and training creative talents, forging a bridge of friendship between China and Korea.

UIBE has been a leader in providing employment and entrepreneurship education in China. As early as 2014, UIBE signed a strategic cooperation agreement concerning foreign students with Zhongguancun Science Park, which designated Dongsheng Science Park as outside school practice base. In May 2015, UIBE set up a entrepreneurship and innovation center for foreign students to serve as both a platform and a lecture house, offering as much help as we can.

It is believed that signing of this contract will give further boost to our international agenda, and unleash education opportunities for foreign students, setting stage for those with ambitions to innovate or start their own business.



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