“Study in China, and Travel Safe”Campaign Launched in UIBE

At 3pm, June 19th 2016, a Study in China and Travel Safecampaign was launched in UIBE featuring a series of lectures on traffic safety. Present at the launching ceremony are Guo Zhi, Chief Assistant to Head of Chaoyang District, Zhang Kejun, Party Committee Member of Transportation Bureau under Beijing Municipal Public Safety Bureau and Director of Political Division, Yang Changchun, Vice Principal of UIBE, Liu Jinlan, Party Secretary of UIBESIE, as well as over 170 representatives from UIBE, CUC, CAFA, CUEB, BFSU, BICT,BUT, and BUCM.

 Sponsored by Traffic Detachment of Chaoyang District, Public Transportation Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Safety Bureau, and undertaken by UIBE, this campaign brings together 9 universities in Chaoyang to reach out to foreign students in the district, raising their awareness of transportation safety, know how and protection levels.

During the ceremony, Yang Changchun called on students to sharpen awareness of public transportation issues.

Mr.Kairat, counselor of Kazakhstan Embassy in China said during a speech, I am honored to partake is the launching ceremony. Currently, there are 2100 Kazakhstan students in Beijing, with nearly 300 of them currently enrolled in programs in UIBE. I think this campaign is of great importance for their travel safety in China.

The year 2016 is an important year for implementing the 13th Five Year Plan. Observing law and regulations, and practicing self discipline, District government of Chaoyang leads by example and raise traffic safety awareness among foreign students so that they can finish study in China safe and sound. They have paid special attention to this issue, which is also one crucial link in carrying out the 13th Five Year Plan. This campaign marks the first time that Beijing has joined efforts between traffic police department, universities and governmental departments to promote traffic safety education to foreign stud

During the ceremony, foreign student representative Donny made a proposal on behalf of all foreign students in Beijing on public transportation safety, and representatives from nine universities, on behalf foreign students in their respective universities, made commitments on safe travel.

    In the end, leaders from Chaoyang District government, Beijing Transportation Administration, UIBE, and other universities, as well as representative from Chaoyang Public Transportation Detachment, and foreign embassies officially launched the campaign by jointly touching an electronic ball. 

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