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On the afternoon of 21st April, the opening ceremony of the 2016 Beijing International Folk Organization Salon Series, Beijing International Folk Culture Festival, and the 7th International Culture Festival of UIBE was held at the square in front of Chengxin Building.

Guests present are, Xiong Daxin, Vice Chairman of Eleventh CPPCC of Beijing, Vice President of China NGO Network for International Exchanges, President of the Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges, Xiang Ping, Vice Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government, Lu Jian, member of Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee, deputy inspector of Office of Beijing Socialism Construction, Gao Shuangjin, Vice President of Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Zhou Zhijun, Vice President of Beijing Women’s Federation, Vice President of Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges, Li Luxia, Vice President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Branch, Li Ruohong, Chairman of China World Peace Foundation, and over 50 ambassadors from countries all over the world, including Laos, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, South Korea, Greece, Myanmar, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela and Viet Nam. Over 50 institutions also attended this activity, including Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee, the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges, the Beijing Municipal Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Branch, Beijing Red Cross, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Association Beijing Federation of Social Sciences, Beijing Tourism Industry Association, the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art, Beijing Federation of Voluntary Service as well as over 20 NGOs in Beijing. They are China World Peace Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, the European Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs, ASEAN Plus Six Trade Promotion Committee, Beijing Korean, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Japan-China Economic Association. Shi Jianjun, President of University of International Business and Economics, Chen Jianxiang, Deputy Party Secretary, Wen Jun, Deputy Party Secretary, Yang Changchun, Vice President of UIBE, head of many institutions and famous UIBE alumni around the world gathered together and witnessed this big moment. Zhao Zhongxiu, Vice President of UIBE hosted the opening ceremony.

  Right in front of Chengxin Building, 65 colorful balloons with ribbon flew up to the clear sky and President Shi Jianjun, Ambassador of Colombia, Ambassador of Mauritius, Ambassador of Laos, Ambassador of Peru, heads of present institutions as well as Chen Jianxiang, Deputy Party Secretary together kicked off the festival.

  This year, the festival coincides with the 65th anniversary of UIBE and President Shi Jianjun welcomed all guests and thanked them for their attention and support for this activity, hoping they can celebrate this grand festival together, to recall the past, to enjoy the present, and to envision the future. President Shi Jianjun said that UIBE has successfully hosted 6 International Cultural Festival since 2010 and he sees this platform a great opportunity of exchanges between students from China and foreign countries and it features a multicultural brand of UIBE. Internationalization is the foundation, the source of its characteristics and the development basis of UIBE. In this diversified and inclusive atmosphere, Chinese and foreign young people cultivate a wider international horizon and a more solid international competitiveness.  The theme of this year’s festival is “culture appreciation · colorful globalization”, and President Shi hopes through festival of this year, more cultural exchanges could be done, friendship would be established and an international campus of “appreciating other cultures as we do to our own, and all cultures coexisting peacefully” could be built.

   “To build a platform for exchanges and a bridge of friendship”, in the speech Mr. Gao delivered at the opening ceremony, he pointed out that International Cultural Festival this year featured many performances of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese operas of all types and other panel discussions among different cultures aim to advocate communications and exchanges, promote win-win results. He hopes that NGOs and civil groups from different countries and regions could make the best of this activity to strengthen ties and promote understanding with each other in an effort to establish cooperation.

WWF Director Lo Sze Ping expressed his gratitude towards organizers of this festival for amazing opportunities to get to know Beijing and to communicate with people from civil groups, embassies of different countries, NGOs and universities in Beijing. He made a brief introduction of four main parts and more than 20 well-planned activities and highly appreciated the exchanges in many forms.

“In this highly internationalized and diversified university, I can feel your pride, passion and dream that you aspire to achieve!” Ambassador of Laos recognized the educational quality of UIBE in her speech. UIBE has been committed to bringing up young talents with international visions ever since its establishment and it has also introduced to the world many outstanding students who are now contributing to international economy development as well as the development of their own countries.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, more young people and responsible universities like this are needed for our time.

After the speeches, all present guests and students participated in the issuing ceremony of the commemorative stamps of the 65th anniversary of University of International Business and Economics and the 7th International Cultural Festival. Representing the university, Wen Jun, Vice Party Secretary, accepted this gift from students. At the same time, to honor the 65th anniversary of UIBE, Mr. Gao Yonghe, General Manager of Aibolante (ROK), China Branch, donated translation machine worthy of 3 million RMB. On behalf of the university, President Shi Jianjun accepted the donation. Mr. Lee Jun Ho, Counselor of ROK, delivered a speech afterwards in which he highly appreciated the donation and wished this festival a successful one, one that promotes students’ understanding of foreign cultures and makes great contribution to the friendly cooperation between different countries.

  After all guests and leaders took pictures on the podium, Vice President Yang Changchun declared start of the International Culture Festival carnival parade by Chinese and international students. Following lion dance, 65 students in festive national costumes marched toward Ningyuan Building. Afterwards guests and leaders watched their flash mob outside the building.

  Meanwhile, in the opening ceremony a fantastic show was performed in front of Chengxin Building. The ceremony was opened by dance Galloping performed by UIBE dance team. The passionate music and magnificent dance earned full applause. Students from Beijing Shaolin Martial Art School staged Chinese Kungfu show King of Beasts, demonstrating the vigor and essence of Chinese Kungfu. Following was Navy Story by Russian students. The entire audience was charmed by the beauty of Russian girls. The theme song Together sung by all the students put an end to the opening ceremony of this year’s International Culture Festival.

  Alongside the opening ceremony, a cultural exhibition was held. Apart from foreign cultures, the exhibition devoted booths to exhibit Chinese traditional culture, Chinese ethnic cultures, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan cultures. Chinese traditional features such as paper-cuts, dough sculptures, sugar sculptures, kites, diabolos, fuzzy monkeys, cloisonné, Peking Opera masks, Beijing folk music, tea art, traditional Chinese medicine were all on display. Uygur, Tibetan, Mongolian and other Chinese ethnic booths were very popular among visitors from various countries. Hong Kong’s cinema and civic cultures, Taiwan’s gorgeous scenery and Macao’s cuisine were also as impressive.

  In front of Chengxin Building, numerous shows were performed by groups from different countries. Booths were flooded with visitors. Music and dance were resonating with delicacies and drinks while laughter filled the campus. Besides, Foreign Language Singing Competition and Peking Opera performance also took place. Everyone was enjoying the cultural feast. On the afternoon of April, 22nd, One Belt and One Road Seminar was held, where ambassadors and counsellers from different countries and delegates from NGOs exchanged thoughts on the status quo, challenges and international cooperation of the One Belt and One Road initiative.

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