How Young Friends in UIBE See the Belt and Road Initiative


     On April 28th 2016, the first “Young Talk Contest” for foreign student in UIBE was held in the International Study Center. Contestants debated about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, with Sun Lihui, Chief of Liaison Department of CCCMC, Zhu Guangmin, Chairman of Sino-Laos International Trade Co.Ltd.,and Ren Xiang, expert researcher of Belt and Road Initiative under BFII, as judges, as well as Liu Jinlan, Party Secretary of SIE and Li Yong, Students Affairs Director as honored guests. Eloquence and innovative thoughts were on full display when 9 teams out of 32 from 8 countries finally made it to the final.

     In her address, Secretary Liu looked back on history of the Belt and Road Initiative, highlighting its importance to China and the whole world, praised contestants for their sense of responsibility in this grand cause, and wished all teams the best.

     Final is divided into two parts: PPT presentation and themed speech. The presentation must be based on “Belt and Road in My View”, which shall be done under 7 minutes; and the speech is delivered on an impromptu basis, whose theme is selected from five options, followed by an Q&A session between contestants and judges/audience.

     The contest started with introductions made by 9 teams. It is worth mentioning that every team had put their minds together and come up with some extraordinary team names, for instance, Beautiful Belt and Beautiful Road, and I Lead the Road for the two Korean Teams, KZ Horse Meat for the Kazakhstan team, Oriental Sun for the Indonesian team, which are all refreshing and impressive.

     During PPT presentation, all teams talked about Belt and Road Initiative from their countries’ perspective. They not only switched comfortably from the ancient times to today, leaping from ancient Silk Road pioneered by Zhang Qian and Zheng He, to ASEAN and AIIB, which demonstrates their good will and best wishes to the hope of economic integration; but also sounded extremely convincing by covering every aspect from the internet,cultures to education under the positive influence of the Initiative. Some teams even used light hearted and original short sketches to shed light on how farmers view the Initiative, winning applauds from audience

In the speech session, the topic Influence of Belt and Road Initiative on Trade was picked by both the Korean teams, on which they talked about Sino-Korean trade. The Korean teams were followed by the Indonesian team and the Cambodian team Sino-Cambo Win-Win,who both spoke highly of construction infrastructure by China’s companies in light of their national conditions and latter sincerely hoped that they could be part of the grand project in the future. Impromptu speeches by the two Kazakhstan teams also voiced strong support for the Initiative.

     After care selection, team Beautiful Road and Beautiful Road and team KG were given the Award of Encouragement, with Third Prize going to Oriental Sun and KZ Horse Meat, I Lead the Road and Mongolia both winning the second place, and first prize shared by Sino-Cambo Win-Win and Elephant from Thailand.

     In recent years, the number of foreign students coming to UIBE is increasing steadily, making it one of the largest receivers for international students. To enrich campus life and help them know more about China, SIE has been involved to set up cross cultural events like International Cultural Festival and International Cultural Salon. Young Talk, as a brand event meticulous planned and launched for the first time this year, not only shows care for current affairs, but creates a platform for foreign students to express their views with respect to their majors and national conditions, pushing exchanges between students of different nationalities to a higher level


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