IAA held its Management Courses


How to do a good job in time management? How to make plans for your career? How to manage an organization? And how to carry on efficient communication with the others? These questions must have ever occurred to you. For the international students in UIBE, they got the answers thanks to the management courses held by IAA.

In order to help international students with their campus life, IAA arranges monthly management courses, where outstanding graduates, organization leaders and active students are invited to share their interesting stories and experiences. “Every international student to China will come across this or that problem, and our management courses are there to share personal experiences and provide problem solving suggestions, so as to make your campus life more colorful, happy and efficient,” said Christopher, secretary general of IAA and initiator of the management course.  

In the management courses, Christopher introduced Pareto Principle to the class, and explained how to make 80% gain out of 20% pain based on his own experience with ISU and IAA. Kesang, from Nepal, shared his experience of job searching with the class, and gave those about to graduate some advices that they should acquire a full understanding of the company before promoting themselves targetedly. Akio, from Japan, introduced Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and displayed how to encourage others with no cost through playing games. In addition, both Japanese student Etsuko’s methods to improve working efficiency and British student William’s one million methods to get famous around campus gave interesting and useful answers to how to manage oneself and better communicate with others.

IAA’s management courses are warmly welcomed by international students. Almost every lecture attracts one hundred audiences from different countries and majors. Marianne, from Greece, told us that some of the methods introduced in class did help her with her confusions. She also hoped that she could participate in more activities like this. Christopher stated that IAA will hold such activities regularly to provide a platform for international students from all majors and grades to share their stories and experiences. 

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