Field Study on Wuqing Economic Zone by UIBE Foreign Students


On December 28, 2015, over 30 students and faculties from SIE, led by vice president Zhao Zhongxiu, went to Wuqing economic development zone for field study in terms of the co-construction of international industrial park with companies under the policy “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. Students in this field study were coming from 16 countries, most of which are from MIEC program and special degree program under MOFCOM. Besides, representatives of students unions such as International Alumni and Foreign students union had also participated in this trip. Secretary of SIE, Liu Jinlan, and chief officer Zhang Yong as well as Lu Xiayang from Department of Academic Affairs went along.

First place visited in this field study was management committee of Wuqing economic zone. Secretary Guo Xinhua, on behalf of the representatives for Wuqing economic zone, delivered a speech, and extended heartfelt greetings to our presence. He expressed his willingness to cooperate with UIBE comprehensively, and give maximum support for cultivating talents of UIBE. Vice-general manager of the general corporation had introduced the development history, and strategic planning as well as regional layout of Wuqing economic zone, after which followed the speech made by vice president of UIBE Zhao Zhongxiu giving brief introductions about UIBE. Vice president Zhao expressed thanks to the leaders in Wuqing economic zone for the warm hospitality. Then, students started discussions on some issues such as overall development strategy and mode of operation as well as HR management of this economic zone

Wuqing Amazon operating center, which was chosen to be the second place to visit, covers 164,000 square meters and serves as a core allocation center in China. In storage center, the students were able to watch the whole process: ordering—loading—storehouse—transition—package printing—delivering. The students were all surprised that the process which may take 2-3 weeks could be done within 2 days under this strict scientific dispatching system.

Tiens Group. The third visit, is a multinational conglomerate which involves many aspects such as biotech and e-commerce and integrates industrial, commercial and financial capitals. The students visited the company museum and product exhibition center, and got deep impressions on the advanced producing techniques, unique managerial concept and excellent innovation capability of the world famous company.

At last, students went to Outlets in Wuqing. Filling with strong sense of Italy, the Florentia Village provides hundreds of upper brands for customers to choose as if they are shopping in one of typical European countries.

Business visit is a vital part of the advanced master education program in UIBE for foreign students, which enabled the students to feel the achievement of economic development, and deepened their understanding towards China’s national condition as well as its prospect of economic development. It facilitates the further cooperation of International programs and cooperation between universities and enterprises as well.



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