International Alumni Association Authorization Ceremony and Exchange Activity


In the afternoon of December 22, the International Alumni Association authorization ceremony is held in the third floor of Chengxin building. Zhao Xiuzhong, Vice principal of UIBE, Zhangrui secretary of the alumni association, Liu Jinlan, Secretary of SIE, Liyong, secretary of international alumni association and other representatives of relevant international alumni association from over 20 countries as well as hundreds of intentional students  attended the ceremony.

Zhao Zhongxiu, vice principal has said that, he was very excited seeing the foundation of other three international alumni associations and the thrive of other associations. Over the past several years, what has been achieved by our international associations is obviously great. I hope the newly founded associations could learn from others and do an even greater job in the future. Afterwards, Zhao Zhongxiu, Vice Principal and Secretary Zhangrui as well as Secretary Liujinlan granted the association brand for the new three in Pakistan, Lao, and Iran, and took a group picture with them. 

Lu Yi, general secretary of International Alumni association, had introduced union’s job in recent years, and extended gratitude to every session in other countries for their support. Then, the host invited presented leaders to give sessions in Thailand and Indonesia the excellent awards for their outstanding performance this year, and improvement awards to the rest.

After the ceremony, outstanding alumni were invited to the discussion with presented students. As for the topic “finding jobs or pursuing education after graduation”, Zhou Yifu, an undergraduate from Cote d'Ivoire, thought pursuing study can make full preparation for the future career, which is one of his goals. Faye Leonna, a postgraduate from Greece, shared her experience of starting her own business in China, and she thought different choice leads to different harvest. Wu Shiju, a PhD from Vietnam, rationally analyzed the pros and cons of both getting a job and continuing study, and reminded the foreign students to be clear about their own decisions and then make rational judgement considering current employment conditions. The ideas of these three alumni had inspired students presented there, and many foreign students claimed that experience sharing like this could eliminate their doubts and lead their life plan to the right track.

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