UIBE Held Its Committee Meeting for Foreign Students’ Education


The committee of foreign students’ education of UIBE held its meeting in Room 222 in the Administrative building in the afternoon of December 30, 2015. Shi Jianjun, the principal, Zhao Xiuzhong and Yang Changchun, vice principal and other heads of relevant departments attended the meeting. The vice principal Zhao Zhongxiu in charge of the foreign students’ issues presided the meeting.

The meeting held discussions and researches on many issues including the adjustment plan for the education committee, enrollment scale, quality certification, education management, and logistical support, tuition proportion for foreign students in UIBE and expenditures on the organization and support for international alumni association during the period of the 13th Five Year Plan.

Zhao Zhongxiu, vice principal, underlined the importance of education quality certification issue, which is a vital part in the education quality system in china and it is one of the major issues for the ministry of education in 2015. UIBE is one of the first patch of pilot universities invited to attend this program and will complete a series works of self-assessment, report submit, experts appraisal and other rectification and reform issues during January to September in 2016. We pay high attention to this quality certification task and will call on a mobilization meeting based on our experiences in successfully certificating our international economy and trade and accounting majors. At the same time, a certification committee will be held with SIE taking the lead, and other departments such as office of teaching affairs, master department doing a good job in education quality certification.

Shi Jianjun, the principal, gave high credit to our jobs in foreign students’ education in last year, and he pointed out that, foreign student education is our supporting part in our international education sector and competitiveness. With the increasing fierce market for international student education, we can’t be optimistic with no ground, and we shall figure out our shortness and problems and learn from our lessons to accumulate experiences so as to improve our education quality. During the period of the 13th five year plan, we have been sticking to the spirit of “going out and attracting in” and engaged ourselves in the active international competition, trying to increase our international education to a higher level. SIE should have a better understanding of the basic situation of international students and adjust our teaching model and purpose based on it, we need to break the bottleneck and explore new markets of student resources to improve our education quality under the big circumstance of economic globalization.

The last issue in the meeting agenda is the authorization ceremony for the three newly founded international alumni associations--Laos international alumni association, Iran international alumni association and Pakistan international alumni association. Altogether the number of our international alumni associations has increased to 15. 

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