Closing ceremony of the first entrepreneurship program for South Korean students held in UIBE


On 24 December, 3:00pm, the graduation ceremony of the first entrepreneurship program for South Korean students, supported by the Korean government, was held in activity center for overseas student on the 1st floor of Qiuzhen building. Zhao zhongxiu, Vice president of UIBE and Mr. Yoon Daisang, Chief Representative of South Korea-China Science &Technology Cooperation Center (KSTEC) had delivered speeches on the closing ceremony. Liu Jinlan, secretary of SIE, Li Yong, director of SIE and  Yu Jiaohao from Korean Standards Association (KSA), Jin Duxue, general manager of Risingsun, Gao Yonghe, general manager of Aibotelan had also attended this ceremony.

This program, as the first South Korean government-backed entrepreneurship program, had been strongly supported by Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning (MSIP). It also corresponds with the call of “Popular entrepreneurship and innovation” brought up by Premiere Li Keqiang and encourages college students to start their own business. UIBE has always attached great importance to cultivating students’ creativity and entrepreneurship and providing entrepreneurial need for students. Undoubtedly UIBE pays highly attention to this entrepreneurship program for South Korean students, and a brand-new entrepreneurship laboratory had been established, which made it possible for Korean students to share entrepreneurial training resources with Chinese students.

During the first 2.5 months since this program started, 30 students, under the guidance of supervisors, had attended entrepreneurship trainings and courses as well as entrepreneurship themed lectures. They conducted several field studies, business simulation training, and visited the famous Chinese company Alibaba as well, and participated in “Dongsheng Cup” International Entrepreneurship Competition with second prize won at last.

Zhao zhongxiu, the Vice president of UIBE, expressed sincere thanks to South Korean government, delegates involved as well as professors and business elites, and congratulated on the success that this program had made, and also on the smooth cooperation between China and South Korea. China-South Korea friendship will pass on from generation to generation.

Next, the guest gave honor certificates and seed money to awarded students, among which 9 won 2000 yuan as excellence award, 2 won 10000 yuan as second award, 2 won 20000 yuan as the first award, and 1 won 50000 yuan as grand award.

Among these projects, the project “hand-made snacks for pets” made by Li Youna had won the grand prize. She was very thankful for the encouragement and help that her classmates had gave her during that 2.5 months and the meticulous guidance from her supervisor. Speaking of where she gets this idea, she mentioned that at first she just intended to make some snacks for her own pet, and then she realized that this is a remarkable business project to work on. Winning the grand prize was beyond her expectation. She said she hopes to make her company the biggest pet snack producer through her efforts.

In the end, Mr. Yoon Daisang delivered a speech to all the students graduated from this program.

Attachment: Awards winning list

Grand prize  

Li Youna

First prize   

Fei Kuidong & Piao Xinghui

Second prize 

Gao Hexun & Jinlong

Zhang Minying

Excellence prize

Xin Dongqi

Tian Jinshi


Guo Qican

Quan Hezhong

Zheng Zhenxiong

Jin Baomei

Zheng Chengyi

Jin Shiren 

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