“I Am a Peace Lover”


Wang Fugui is a student major in Business Chinese in School of International Education of UIBE in 2015. He is a member of Cuba's National Bureau of Translation and has studied Chinese in University of Havana, Cuba and Beijing International Studies University. Mastering many languages, he once worked as translator and instructor in Confucius Institute of University of Havana. Lately, he delivered a speech named “I am a peace lover” in the Second Session “Opening Day” organized by NOCFL in the Confucius Institute Headquarter. 

Wearing a clean suit, speaking affluent Chinese with warm smile and tender voice, Wang Fugui seems just like a native Chinese. His gentle behavior, affluent pronunciation and free quotes of Chinese sayings from famous Chinese people gives out an signal that he is keen on China and Chinese culture. 

Studying at UIBE: “efforts are of significance”

Wang Fugui wants to learn Chinese well as best as he can and he knows there would be much difficulty in this process. No matter it is translation or daily communication, if to be good at, a better understanding of the profound culture behind the language is very essential. In his view, insisting on learning Chinese and communicate with Chinese people in affluent Chinese is not only conducive to his future development but also to the respect and friendship he will get from others.

After you set a clear goal, efforts are of significance. He learnt this law from his Chinese teacher, and he realized that every effort he made will be of significance to his life. Thereafter, he dedicated himself into the perfection of detailed things; he made specific plans for different phases, paying all his efforts in practicing Chinese without wasting time to meaningless things. He is aware of the fact that if he wants to learn Chinese well, he not only needs to be effective in class, but also be industrious after class. Expanding knowledge scope in culture and lay a solid foundation are very important. “If you want to learn a language well, you have to be prepared to take a long time, and this can be explained in a Chinese saying that “always prepared to fight a long time until the final victory is gained.”

Living a life at UIBE: respect the cultural difference

“If peoples from all over the world could be aware of the significance of cultural difference, there would be fewer conflicts in the world “different people in different country think differently. China is a country that is very traditional and peace-loving, I didn’t have such a deep understanding of the sentence “Do in Rome as Rome does” and “absorb anything and everything uncritically” until I have been in China.

He regarded himself as a peace envoy through his study in China. As a member of the student s from overseas, he hopes that they can help each other and contact more with the Chinese. “if you never get a connection with native Chinese people, you will learn little even if you studied 10 years here” by his personal experience, Wang Fugui realized that communicating with Chinese people will be helpful for him to understand Chinese culture and vice versa.

There is an old saying goes that it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times. After getting this precious opportunity to study at UIBE, Wang Fugui is confident to be the “envoy of the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and spokesman for the world peace”. This role will push him to study harder and while experiencing the Chinese culture, he will serve as the bridge connecting different country and cultures.




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