International Students and < The Art of War by Sunzi>


The Art of War by Sunzi may sound profound and mysterious from its name, while it’s actually fun and very useful in the eyes of the Thailand student Gong Ji la. “The Art of War by Sunzi is full of wisdom represented in many stories, such as the story of relieving the state of Zhao by besieging the state of Wei and knowing both ourselves and our adversaries, which gave me a lot of inspirations in team management.” said Gong Ji la who was in the second year of the international trade major and engaged in China-Thailand trade business after graduation. 

“The Art of War by Sunzi and the philosophy of business” is an optional course for international students in which there are more than 150 international students from more than 20 counties. Under the instruction of professor Zhang Xiaofeng, all the students can appreciate the wisdom of our Chinese ancients.

Cao Yongxiong, a junior student from Korea is no stranger to The Art of War by Sunzi, because he has already known something about it before coming to China. When choosing courses this semester, he was thrilled at the first sight of this course and successfully chose it. “I love this sentence-'the enemy without fighting, is also of good”, which fully embodies the ancient Chinese mastery of strategy. The Art of War by Sunzi is a part of Chinese culture, I think it’s very useful for me to know about china” he said. Yi Junyu, another student from Korea also like watching Chinese classical works such as "three kingdoms" and "water margin" when he was a kid. “I see many of fabulous strategies of the Chinese ancients, who are deeply admired by me, and “The Art of War by Sunzi and the philosophy of business” enables me to use something I leant from it, and I got the knowledge and wisdom.

The Russian student Daria knows little Chinese, but she enjoys this course. “The professor combined the stories in The Art of War by Sunzi with many practical cases in life, making them vivid and easy to understand. For example, when the professor is introducing the idea of odd versus original, he will explain it in a commercial war, which is very interesting”.

An Yuanchen, a student from Venezuela read the English version of The Art of War by Sunzi before coming to China, so he has some knowledge about this book. “I hope I can reread this book in Chinese, especially in ancient Chinese.” He said.  

This interesting class has a good reputation in the international students. Many students like Tian tian and Gong jila from Thailand were recommended by their seniors to attend this class. “Art of war could be used in daily life not necessarily in the army. Our instructor combine the ways of arts of war with the principles of commerce, which I can learn much from.”  An Yuanchen hurt his feet and he needs a pair of crutches to walk, however he overcome the difficulty of going upstairs and downstairs to attend class on time.

Professor Zhang Xiaofeng has been giving this class for 14 years. “Most of the international students came to UIBE to study international trade or finance. I hope my class can combine the laws of art of war with the principles of modern commerce, and through specific topic lecture and class discussion about history stories and modern commercial cases I can deeply analyze the essence of this book and enlighten students to use what they learn from books in life. Of course, due to the differences in culture and limits in Chinese level, it’s very challenging for me to give this lecture taking many questions from international students, but I will take the challenge as my power to make my class better. With many years of teaching experience, I’m confident and have the obligation to deliver our excellent traditional culture to students from all over the world.” said professor Zhang. 



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