Experiencing the Charm of Chinese Culture


In the afternoon of November 19th, the international student center of School of International Education held the opening ceremony of lectures on Chinese culture and instructor appointment ceremony. Liu Jinlan, the Party secretary of School of International Education, instructors of the lecture and many foreign students attended the ceremony.

Secretary Liu Jinlan said in her speech that with a long history and civilization, Chinese culture has a far-reaching influence on the world gaining love and attention of more and more foreign friends. School of International Education of UIBE has experienced 60 years of development, with more than 25,000 foreign students graduated in domestic and foreign politics, economy, culture, education and other majors, which played a positive role in the exchanges between china and overseas..   

Over the years, the school has always adhered to the philosophy of "taking quality education as the core, following needs of students as a guide to create a characteristic education brand", and constantly enhances the core competitiveness of foreign student education of UIBE through “second class” activities to improve foreign students’ overall quality and helps the outstanding students to seek for greater area outside the campus. The lecture on Chinese culture serves an opportunity for foreign students to learn more about china. To this end, School of International Education also invited tutors and specialists in the traditional martial arts, calligraphy and painting to teach students in person. “In future”, Ms. Liu said, “we will set up more Clubs and Associations to satisfy the interests and major to enrich the spare time life of foreign students”.

In the opening ceremony, the Secretary Liu issued letters of appointment to Zhang Xuguang, instructor of martial arts association, and inventor of nine types Taiji Gymnastics and Liu Yongge, famous Chinese painter, instructor of calligraphy and painting association, as well as Liu Zongshi, the national level artists, and martial arts instructor Bai Yihai, generation head, Chairman of Chinese martial arts league.

Chinese students from the martial arts association performed Taiji sword and Kongdong martial arts association brought their wonderful performance of drunken master, nine-section whip and boxing, which won cheers and applause of the international students. Wang Fugui, a student from Cuba recited a section of The Analects of Confucius and Dong Chengxing wrote a Chinese calligraphy, which also won the compliment from the teachers presented there. 


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