CCTV Anchor Gave A Lecture to IUP Students

On the morning of Oct 19th, Cheng Lei, CCTV News Global Business host, gave a lecture to IUP students of UIBE on the topic of “Public Presentation skills”.

Having interviewed an impressive array of political and business leaders, including Bill Gates, former US president Bill Clinton, and over 100 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Cheng has a wealth of experience. So her lecture is lively and really wonderful.

Dozens of foreign students from different countries came to the lecture. Several students have tried an extemporaneously speech, and Ms. Cheng gave them some practical advice.

Ms. Cheng also answered questions from students patiently, such as how to overcome the tension, how to deal with some sensitive topics, etc. While lecture was coming to an end, some students continued communicating with Ms. Cheng on their opinions,and many students went to take a photo with Ms. Cheng with great enthusiasm.

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