The Opening Ceremony for 2015 Ministry of Commerce’s Program Master Program of MBA


In the afternoon of October 9th, the opening ceremony for 2015 IEMBA was held at the Study Center for International Students in the Qiu Zhen Building. Many distinguished guests attended the ceremony. Li Xiaobing, president of Learning and Training Institute for International Officials of Department of Commerce, Zhao Zhongxiu, the vice-president of UIBE, Xu Kai, liaison office director of Learning and Training Institute for International Officials of Department of Commerce as well as Han Weichun, dean of SIE and Li Yinghai, vice dean of SIE, attended the ceremony.

In his speech, president Li Xiaobing extended a warm welcome to the 37 participants from 22 countries. And he pointed out that China is the world’s largest developing country. Hence, the standpoint of China’s foreign policies are to develop consolidate and expand the cooperation and solidarity with the other developing countries. In recent years, the Chinese government has strengthened its cooperation and exchange with other countries with diversified cooperation approaches including degree education, short-term learning and training and other programs. The education for the officials has been highly praised by the related countries and anticipates. Meanwhile, he thanked UIBE’s donation and wished that the anticipates would have a happy life and study in UIBE.

Vice-president Zhao Zhongxiu introduced the development of UIBE’s education for foreign students. As a key university directly under the Ministry of Education, UIBE is one of the universities that carry education programs for foreign students. With the development over 60 years, we have gained satisfactory achievements. And he encouraged the anticipates to study hard and think more and finding the deficiencies in thinking and make up them in further study.  He hoped that the anticipates would get achievements and serve to be bridges of friendship in exchange and communication.  

IEMBA is a degree education program of China which is designed to train more executive talents for the developing countries, and it’s an important part of conducting cooperation on International education on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The development of the program is of some profound significance such as making more foreign talents learn about China, enhancing the understanding between China and other developing countries as well as improving China’s International influence.

Up to now, the International Academy has successfully completed the registration for the first semester of 2015-2016. In this semester, UIBE has 3,241 foreign students (2,415 degree students; 826 non-degree students) from 141 nations. UIBE has successfully achieved the goals set during the 12th Five-year Plan in terms of education for foreign students’ total number, degree and education quality. 


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