The Four Seasons of Beijing


(Source: Overseas Edition of China Daily, October 19th, 2015, the eighth edition)

I came to Beijing for the first time in August, 2013. As soon as getting off the plane, I found a beautiful Beijing, and after having lived in Beijing for a period of time, I found the life here was so colorful and amazing. During the year, I continued to find new places and gained new emotion and feeling. I would like to talk about my impression for the charming Beijing by introducing the different landscapes and life of the four seasons.

Spring is the most colorful season of all. The fragrant flowers are everywhere and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. The Beihai Park is more attractive and charming with the cherry blossoming, willows sprouting, and peony flowers blooming exuding faint fragrance.

Summer is the hottest season in Beijing. Parks are full of greens and laughter of the senior and the young. I love the Chaoyang Park where happy people are everywhere. Family members, friends and sweethearts all would like to enjoy picnics here on sunny days. Children play ball games and fish. And the young usually play roller skating or jog. And the senior citizens exercise Tai Chi or play shuttlecock. Whenever you come here, you can find it’s full of energy and extraordinary scenery. Meanwhile, the summer of hutong is of the same uniqueness. In the long and gray hutongs, you may play majiang with the local residents and you can also taste the diversity delicious food or enjoy watermelon which makes you cool. And sometimes it may rain suddenly and you have to find a shelter to stay. But as is often the case, it won’t be long before the sun is in the sky again. And then the gray hutongs seem to be transparent, which is a landscape different.

Autumn is the most romantic season, when the leaves begin to fall down. It’s the very time to go to Xiangshan Hill in that the leavesturn fiery red. Many girls love going there to take pictures against the maple leaves. Enjoying the charming landscape is an extraordinary experience of the autumn of the Xiangshan Hill. The Middle Autumn Festival and the National Day usually fall in autumn when many tourists come to Beijing to visit the places of interests and appreciate the charm of Beijing. In the Summer Palace the past garden of the royal family grow many ginkgo trees. And when autumn approaches, the leaves grow purely yellow as if the trees wore a golden cloak. During the Middle Autumn Festival, the park is much crowded and the people usually sing, dance and eat moon-cakes and the park is a world of flowers.

Winter is the coldest season when people usually prefer to meet at Houhai. Because of coldness, the waters of Shi Cha Hai would freeze. Sometimes my friends and I would go skating there in the bitter coldness; we still would burst into laughter. And we sometimes would go to taste hot-pot and then the happiness and contentment would be beyond description. The Spring Festival is the most important of its kind in China, and people usually go back to their hometowns to get together with other families and celebrate the festival. And Beijing would be no longer noisy or crowded. At nights, there were colorful fireworks lighting up the sky.

The Great Wall is one of the most well-known scenic spots in China. As is often the case, you’d better pay a visit to the Great Wall when it’s warm. But there is different landscape when it snows. Standing on the wall and looking into the distance, the gray Great Wall and the gray snow are in good harmony like a dragon lying on a mountain, which makes up a grand and attractive landscape.

Beijing is a city of charm, and a lot of people come but very few want to leave. I have been here for a year during which it shows diversity of colors and beauty. All of these make Beijing what it is.


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