Studying in China Is a Wise Choice


(Source: Overseas Edition of China Daily, October12th, 2015, the eighth edition)

In a lifetime, we will encounter many choices and while making choices we may hesitate. And the results may be successes and failures. But I have always believed that my choice to study in China is right. I don’t care the ideas and thoughts from others in that it’s my own challenge and ambition and I will be responsible for myself.

When I first came to China, I aimed at learning Chinese well in order to have fluent communication in Chinese. Hence, I often communicated with the Chinese teachers, and made many friends. And I also learned more about Chinese culture, geography and history all of which interest me a lot.

The first time I saw Chinese characters and I thought they were very complicated pictures. And the Chinese characters must be learned little by little, such as they must be written from the top to the bottom, from the left to the right and some spelling rules of the horizontal and vertical strokes and the left-falling and right-falling strokes. I learn that Chinese characters are passed down from the ancient times when the people recorded the things on bamboos and tortoise shells. The ancient Chinese are extraordinarily intelligent to create so many beautiful Chinese characters and they have been passed down and are still used. The history and development is really incredible.  

I have experienced the happiness and sorrows of life. Studying abroad alone, I often encounter some unexpected things to deal with, which leaves me sad and confused. In addition to the different diet, I need to get along well with others and make friends as well as take care of myself in the daily life and study. Studying abroad is a learning process which never comes to an end. From a young age, I have never left my parents with such distance and such period of time, therefore the homesick makes me sad a lot.

And the life of studying abroad can be described as taking a roller coaster. Whenever I was happy, I felt like a butterfly flying in a garden; whereas whenever I was confronted with difficulties, I seemed to be suffering from thunders, storms or even earthquakes and everywhere was occupied by darkness. Then I would look up at the sky, otherwise the tears may find ways to flow down.

Now, I have gradually got used to the weather and food in China and I have many friends here. The studying in China has brought many changes to me, which makes me more mature. Now, I have become braver and more persistent. Whenever I make any mistakes, I will start again and persist. In a nutshell, I consider the experience in China to be a process of challenging myself.

In a lifetime, only the experiences of sorrows make the meaning of happiness more obvious. And I hope to learn more knowledge and gain more from the 4-year studying in China. I don’t wonder whether there are much better choices nor do I want to know what more to pursue. Now I cherish my study and life here.



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