Outing to Mutianyu Great Wall


Time for application: 16th to 25th, September, 2015

Location for application: Department of Students’ Affairs, SIE (Room 101, Huibin Building)

Time for outing: 7:50-16:00, 26th, September, 2015

Location for gathering: Lobby of Huibin Building


1. This activity is free among all the international students, and students from other schools shall not register it;

2. SIE will provide students who participating in the activities of the Great Wall with first way tickets, coach, mineral water and simple lunch (bread, etc.), the rest of the cost should be borne by yourselves;

3. Due to the School has bought tickets for the students in advance, so you need to pay 50 RMB deposit and get it back on bus. Those who will not participate for any reasons will not get the 50 deposit back;

4. If there is new activity time, please refer to our international School actual notice;

5. If you have any problems, please consult the Department of Students’ Affairs, SIE (Room 101, Huibin Building).

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