Group Application for Residence Permit


Time: 9:00 a.m., 7th, September, 2015

Location: Visa Office, SIE (Room 106, Huibin Building)


1. Those who need to apply for visa/residence permit, please take your passport, "Admission Notice", JW202 form, living certificate, a white background two-inches (passport-sized) photo to the Visa Office, SIE (Room 106, Huibin Building);

2. If you want to apply for residence permission, the fee is 400 Yuan (government fee). If you apply for other visas, please consult the teacher in the office about specific costs, if you want to apply for a visa through agency, you will need 100 Yuan to pay the service fee of the visa company;

3. Please read carefully the instructions on visas of the university's enrollment guidelines issued by the university. If you have some specific issues of visa/residence permit, please contact the Visa Office, SIE (Room 106, Huibin Building).

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