2015 UIBE International Alumni Dinner Gathering


It will be hard to forget the 2015 UIBE International Alumni Dinner Gathering held on May 13th, when more than 40 UIBE alumni gathered at Persepolis Restaurant to share their work experience and mix and mingle for the first time.

Apart from the international alumni, the organizers also invited UIBE Alumni Association Secretary General Ms. Zhang Rui, party secretary of School of International Education Ms. Liu Jinlan, International Alumni Association Secretary General Mr. Li Yong and professor Ye Wenlou from the Chinese Alumni Association. Mr. Cai Yuanyou, executive vice president of Xiamen Alumni Association was also invited to discuss the employment outlook in a global context.

“We are all from UIBE, and we are all UIBE graduates. We should share our resources and help each other, only then, can we progress and succeed together” quoted Chris in his opening speech. The organizers, Lisa and Mulele outlined that the gathering aims to promote communication between alumni and hopes that such events can help alumni to connect with like-minded individuals who want to contribute here in China. They hope to get more people involved in the International Alumni Association and hope to hold more events in the future. Mulele ended the speeches with an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, walk alone; but if you want to go far, we must walk together.”

As a representative of the UIBE Alumni Association, Ms. Zhang said, “I’m very glad to see our graduates gathering today. We are a big, loving family and everyone has an obligation to make it better. The stronger our family is, the better each individual becomes.” After her speech, Ms. Zhang gave away commemorative UIBE pins to the alumni present.



Once the speeches were over, Ahmed, the founder of Persepolis Restaurant, a UIBE alumnus himself, welcomed everyone before the start of the festivities.

During the gathering, Ms. Liu stressed that once a UIBEer, always a UIBEer. “We are all family. So welcome to UIBE, and welcome home!”

With music echoing in the hall, toasts being made and topics being debated, the first UIBE International Alumni Dinner Gathering came to an end. The gathering highlighted innovation and entrepreneurship of fellow UIBE alumni and in the future, hopes to create a platform for communication and the sharing of resources. With an increasing number of individuals taking part in the International Alumni Association, there is reason to believe that this is not the last that we will be seeing of these events. Till next time, the IAA bids you farewell and hopes to see you again soon at the next event.









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