UIBE International Volunteer Association Organized Charity Donation for Nepal


In the morning of May 4, 2015, the International Volunteer Association of School of International Education (UIBEIVA) organized a charity donation for Nepal earthquake stricken area. Teachers and international students of the School lend helping hands one after another, lead by the Dean of School of International Education.

NEPAL SUVECHHA, a member student from Nepal studying MIEC (Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China) program said that he had been worrying about his mother country for the earthquake. However, he was moved by UIBEIVA and UIBEISU when they came to tell him about the charity donation event. The slogan “We Care for Nepal” really made him feel at home, a feeling like family for “one in trouble, all will help”.

UIBEIVA also opened online donation, especially for international alumni. Up to 16:00 P.M. of May 4, 2015, a donation of nearly 20 thousand RMB has been collected. The event will last for two days and all donations will be sent to Embassy of Nepal in Beijing to be delivered to Nepal government finally.

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