UIBE Representative Introduces Experience for International Volunteer Work at Beijing Foreigner Volunteer Association Seminar


On 9:00 am, April 16th, the seminar on the founding of Beijing Foreigner Volunteer Association was held in the 206 meeting room. Zhang Changchun, the director of Foreign Affairs Department of Beijing municipal government; Ji Xiaozhe, the deputy director of International Cooperation Department and some principals from more than 14 universities such as Tsinghua and Beijing Universities presented at the meeting.

In the seminar, the secretary of SIE Liu Jinlan introduced the work the International Volunteer Association had done. The International Volunteer Association was established in May 2010, which is one of the earliest international volunteer service organizations in Beijing. Now it has absorbed 75 foreign volunteers from 16 countries and set up a council. The Association regularly organizes two volunteer activities a month and the service lines such as the Bethel Blind, CMC Migrant School, and the whole pool fraternity deaf school have been put into operation. In May 2011, the volunteers went out of Beijing and poured into Gansu province, setting up the first international students’ volunteer base there. In August 2013, ten representative international student volunteers of the Association took part in the activities to the first "the summer camp for the handicapped students" and set up the "students volunteer service base in UIBE" in collaboration with Qinhuangdao Disabled Federation. There are various media reported the activities of the students in our school volunteer activity Association, which has brought good effects in the society. At present, the students’ volunteer service work in our school has been walk in the forefront of the Beijing and even among the national colleges and universities.

All the other universities also made a brief introduction of their foreign volunteers work in the seminar, and carried out constructive opinions and Suggestions. The director Zhang Changchun pointed out how to inherit the Olympic heritage in the post Olympic Era. Currently it is an important task to organize the foreign volunteer services, so the foreign affairs office and universities should make joint efforts to actively promote the establishment of foreign volunteers association, and try to formalize the management of international students.





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