SIE successfully held the 2015 International Students Chinese Debate Competition


At 6:30 PM on the evening of April 16th, the Chinese Debate Competition for the International Students of the Year 2015 was held in the conference room on the third floor of Chengxin Building. It was hosted by the School of International Education and co-held by the International Student Union. The dean of SIE Han Weichun, the secretary Liu Jinlan and some of the representatives of international students were presented at this competition.

It has been the sixth Chinese Debate Competition,  and there are 8 departments and 10 teams which were comprised of more than 60 international students have joined it .Through the fierce selective trials, quarter finals, semi finals, the four teams, namely, SIB 1(School of International Business) , SIB 2,  and the team of SEF (School Economics and Finance ), and team SIT 2012 (School of International Trade ) came into the final and fought for the first, second or third prizes .The first Third-place match was taken place between the team SIB 2 and the team of SEF, they focused on the topic of whether the strength or opportunity makes for success. And the Championship Contest was carried out between the team of SIB 1 and the team SIT 2012, in which the two teams set off a firestorm on whether the diplomatic without national debts does more good than harm .The brilliant and fierce debate made the competition reach the climax. And at last the team SIT 2012 won the championship while the teams SIB 1 and SIB 2 won the second place and the third place respectively.

After the competition, the judges and the school leaders awarded the winning teams and the best debaters.

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