Here comes the new semester, and there come new expectations of international students


(Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, the eighth edition of March 16th, 2015.Liu Fei, Zhang Liwei)

The ever-growing group of international students is the epitome of China’s Reform and Opening-up. The international students come from various nations to China for the purpose to get contact with the mysterious Chinese civilization, to understand their beloved Chinese culture, to learn the Chinese calligraphy what they see as paintings. As the Chinese spring festival passing by, school begins and students welcome the opening days .The international students have full of expectations of the new semester.

To learn Chinese and achieve their dreams

In most of the foreign students’ heart, there was an unexplainable Chinese complex. Because some of them came into contact with the Chinese since they were a child, and some of them got some chance to get accessible to ancient east hieroglyphs full of yearning. Their dreams were to learn Chinese in China, so it is the new hope of the new term for them to gain more progress in Chinese learning.

The 23-year old Piao Huizhen is from South Korea and she studies in the School of Chinese Language and Literature of UIBE. When it comes to the experiences of learning Chinese, she got excited and could stop saying and saying. Piao Huizhen followed her father learn to write Chinese characters as a child, she felt learning Chinese was not that difficult after learning some Chinese words, but she felt it very interesting to learn it". I didn't know why, but I realized that I should continue learning it. "When she said this, she was full of joy. Due to the city she lived was not big, and the Chinese language was not popular yet as it is now in South Korea, so it was expensive looking for a Chinese tutor. The enthusiasm of Huizhen’s learning Chinese did not make her parents understood. In order to prove how she adored the Chinese to her family, she tried to participate in a variety of Chinese matches and Chinese certification exams. When he was in Grade 3, she won the first place in a Chinese speech contest. Her parents were moved by her, and her efforts finally paid off. She said her dream was to study in China, but now, she has studied and lived for 4 years in China. Here come the new challenges in the new semester .In the last year, she transferred from the School of Laws to the school of Chinese Language .But she did not regret her choice she had made, because it was the important and Literature, which meant she would spare more efforts and sweat in studying step she should make in achieving her Chinese dreams .The plan for Piao Zhenhui in the new semester is to study her major courses and study English as well .She said she would further her study in the United States, and continued to investigate Chinese language in different aspects and with different methods.

To experience Chinese culture and toured China

The international students knew the traditional culture of China more or less before they came to China .And they knew China more directly and diversified .They all were moved by the long-standing and well-established Chinese culture and amazed at its colorful essence. The extensive and profound Chinese culture appealed to international students from all over the world to China.

It has been 4 year since Sai Na has come to China. When she came to China at 16years old, she could just say “hello”now she studies administration management in UIBE. Different from Piao Huizhen, Sai Na was not so interested in Chinese .It is because her father who witnessed the rapid development of China and hoped her to study in China. At first she thought it really hard to learn Chinese .But after having lived and studied in China for a long time, she was attracted by the Chinese culture, and it was the intense interests that made her overcome all the difficulties when learning Chinese. She was proud and said “I got to know a lot of Chinese culture, and I know that Chinese people really love the red color.” She lives happily and smoothly in China now. She hopes that she could learn Chinese better,  thus being able to know Chinese traditional culture and the society of China in different aspects such social and history. She has been to Tianjin and Harbin, and she hoped she could go to more places in China.  

To make adjustments according to the changes

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states”. The director of UIBE Tan Youzhi thought that the international students acted as a tie to connecting China and other countries, as well as the window for China to promote its own thoughts and concepts, thus promoting the communication and understanding among countries.

The cognition of international students to the Chinese culture could be more diverse, and they might have further knowledge of China's political ecology, but also realized the "Chinese dream" is the dream of peace, which made our nation to be rich and prosperous. In a sense, the international students are the most dominant group of people for Chinese and foreign exchanges in the future. The teacher Tan also put forward some advice to students: although they have already "landed" in China, but they should make their "root" into China, into the Chinese culture of the society, which is not only superficial, but also to understand the deep Chinese culture inside.

With the rapid development of internationalization of China's various colleges and universities and the promotion of Chinese, more and more students choose to come to China to study and live their lives, thus raising the level of students' overall ability .As for the expanding population of foreign students and its new characteristics, we should not only catch up with teaching, management and other works, both also to coordinate. In the study released at the end of the China development report (2014), some suggestions were given, such as, relaxing the policy of excellent graduate internship, allowing excellent graduates stay to live and work in China, increasing the curriculum of international language teaching, developing international faculty. China-foreign cooperation in running schools is encouraged; the degree of internationalization of education shall be improved. Special plan and demonstration project, etc. shall be implemented to attract international students


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