International Student Union of SIE Held 2015 Welcome Party


On the evening of 13th, March ,the international students of SIE held “the Welcome Party of the New Semester 2015“, the international students from South Korea, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain and France took part in this activity with great passion.

The student union of the international students prepared various kinds of performances, including exciting South Korea hip-hop and various traditional Chinese calligraphy shows. To enliven the atmosphere of the meeting, the organizer also arranged the funny games and lucky draw, which burst into cheers and laughter among the students around.

It was acknowledged that students spent nearly a month of their after-class time preparing the welcome party for the freshman, and they well planned, designed organized the welcome party. Through the welcome party, not only the international students have known each other, but they have strengthened their friendship, thus demonstrating the spirits of unity and mutual assistance of SIE.

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