Party Secretary Wang Ling Came to Visit SIE Teachers and Students


At the noon of February 17th (29th of the twelfth month of the lunar year), the secretary of the Party Committee Wang Ling, the deputy secretary Chen Jianxiang, Wen Jun, the vice President Zhao Zhongxiu, and the heads from the departments such as Party Committee Office, Office of the Principal, Propaganda Department , Students Affairs Department, Labor Union and Security Department brought sincere New Year wishes to them.

Wang Ling and her party went to SIE, seeing a lively scene, covered with red cloth and all kinds of dishes, with endless blessings and laughter. International students come from all over the world, although their races being different, but they got together in UIBE. They made dumplings through the traditional way to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival. Secretary Wang Ling conveyed the New Year blessings to the students in Chinese and English respectively. The international students from the Dominican Republic, Pakistan and other countries communicated with the school leaders of their feelings in study and life as well as their plans of the future, and the school leaders expressed their expectations and wishes to the international students as well.

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