Wang Hongyan Visited International Students of SIE


In the morning of 12th February, Wang Hongyan, the Party Secretary of the Communist Youth League representing the Central Communist Youth League visited and had a look at the students of UIBE who had stayed at school during the spring festival, followed by the vice minister of the school department in CYL Li Ji, the vice secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee Xiong Zhuo, the deputy director Zhang Xiaoyun and so on. The vice secretary of the party committee Wen Jun welcomed the secretary Wang Hongyan accompanied by the minister of Students Affairs Department Wang Yunhai, the chief of the office of the Academic Affairs Jiang Xianling and the secretary of SIE Liu Jinlan and so on.

Wang came to SIE to visit and comfort the representatives of the international students who stayed at school, and brought wishes and extended greetings to them. The international students sat with the leaders and teachers of UIBE, and made a brief self-introduction of them. They were from different countries, different classes and even majored in different fields, and they are ranging from senior students of undergraduate to PHD students, and even some post graduate students who majored in IEMBA. Among which some are senior officers and senior economists, and even some devote themselves to being a bridge to communicating political and economic relations. Wang Hongyan communicated with the international students passionately, and they were concerned with their study and life in UIBE, and they even communicate and discuss the development of the youth and their cultural communication. The students were very glad to say that they were very happy to study in UIBE and felt very warm there because they had learned a lot in UIBE. The international students also made their suggestions and thoughts about the bilateral communication between China and abroad.

Wang and her colleague visited and comforted the Chinese students stayed in school and also paid a visit to UIBE Museum.

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