Closing Ceremony for Non-degree Programs


Time: 3rd July, 2015

Location: Qiusuo Building and Chengxin Building

Organized by: Office for Non-degree Education, SIE (Room 207, Huibin Building)


1. Please take the examination according to the specified time and location arranged by Office for Non-degree Education, SIE (Room 207, Huibin Building), as the certificate of accomplishment will be issued during the ceremony;

2. International students who pass the exam will get the certificate of accomplishment. The students whose results are outstanding will also have the opportunity to get a scholarship. Students who are absent from the ceremony will fail to get the certificate and any awards;

3. In principle, students can only take their own certificate. If you cannot attend the ceremony for some reason, you should write a letter of authorization;

4. For further information, please consult the Office for Non-degree Education, SIE (Room 207, Huibin Building).

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