The initiation of UIBE“I Find U”


On the evening of November 14, 2014, in order to strengthen the exchanges between China and international students, one of the series of UIBE language  activities "I Find U" aimed at looking for language partners, was co-hosted by the School of Foreign Studies and School of International Studies on the ground floor of studying center in building Qiuzhen .This activity won the wide attention and positive response of the students, international students from more than one country are involved in the activities the scene is lively and interesting with deep cultural atmosphere..

Organizers made elaborate preparations for the activity: designed some fun games, scheduled for exciting sweepstakes, prepared food and drinks, the whole activity run smoothly in the relaxed happy atmosphere.

The activities "I Find U" was started by the wonderful passionate opening prologues of the two host’s .First of all, students from School of Foreign Studies brought us vibrant opening dance. Then, here we go to the first theme of "China”. Organizers designed  song guess game which won high participation, they played well-known Chinese songs , all of the students vied to answer enthusiastically, and created a new mode of "I teach you", of which Chinese students taught patiently while foreign students studied actively, creating a relaxed and active atmosphere. After the meeting, the staff put on the prepared Chinese food such as dumplings. In this "tasty “part of activities, the understanding were enhanced between students.

After enjoy the songs and eating the dumplings, we ushered the second theme of the activity-----"world”. The organizers designed an item combined speaking and doing ------sandwich DIY .Organizers provide some raw materials for the students attended, the students started to make sandwiches by themselves and actively  showed their works onto stage. The theme of the Persian language sandwich "I find you in my heart" gained the students’ consistent high praises, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Followed is the prepared bookmarks exchange activities, the students wrote down their contact information and message in ginkgo biloba leaves to give to each other. So it was called leaf remarks, which was a lifetime treasure at the same time!

The lucky draw witnessed the end of the activities “I find U”. Through the “I Find U”, students not only made friends and got familiar with new friends from different countries but also further understood the concepts “international talents”. Activities were over, but the pursuit of foreign language study and the love of culture will never cease.

As part of the series of activities of UIBE, the activity “I Find U” which was aimed at looking for language partners has created opportunities for students to develop international vision, improve personal qualities in response to the internationalization trend .It has also provided a good platform for both Chinese and foreign students learn from each other, and it was believed to make more far-reaching impacts on students' future development.

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