The International Alumni---the helper of the international students


"At first, I was worried that I couldn't find a suitable internship in China, but the members of school's International Alumni Association helped me."Jin Taiyuan - the international student from  South Korea ,  found a internship which was very suitable to his major in the holidays  .This summer, dozens of international students like Jin  Taiyuan found different types of summer internship through alumni resources, ”

Explore new model of management for international students

The International Alumni Association of UIBE was founded in December 2012; it has been developing rapidly in a short span of more than a year. Branches have been set up in six countries such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, kazakhstan, and branches of the United States, France, Burma were successively set up.

The International Alumni was actively advocated by the following people: the first batch of international students of UIBE in 1950s, Poland's former ambassador to China, the current president of Sino-Polish Friendly Association and the consultant of the polish President Dr. Qi Huanwu. He said: "I am an alumnus of UIBE, and I am excited to see so many outstanding students the Alma mater has trained now spreading all around the world. The degree of internationalization is becoming higher and higher, we should set up a platform to bring people together." Louis said ,he is the current secretary general of International Alumni Association who is from the United States ,this organization framework puts more rights of the alumni association to the school students, greatly  mobilized the students’ participation on the one hand,, on the other hand ,the model of “the domestic docking" has facilitated the contacts to overseas alumni. With the efforts of all the previous international alumni, the association has received nearly thousands of international students at present.

To be the students good helper

The functions of International Alumni Association are very rich, which play a unique role in promoting the exchanges between students, international alumni and China alumni. "Fellowship activities let me know more about China and more about Guizhou City, there are many outstanding culture and products which are needed to be introduced to my country and to the world."This is what one of the Japan alumni Youkou Qiunan ( a freshman of graduate student)felt .At present, the International Alumni Association has established friendly relations of cooperation with the branches UIBE alumni in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Anhui etc .The international alumni association also assumed the responsibility of acting as the students’ good helper. Started from 2013, it has applied for scholarships for good students who want to further their study but short of money, raveled out their concerns studying in China. In addition, invite alumni back to school, employment guidance for college students to teach experience, lecture. Due to the speaker and the listener had similar experience, is of great significance, so it is popular among college students. To help international students to obtain employments, the International Alumni Association has contacted with the famous enterprises such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, overseas department of Bank of China, Haier Group, Sino-pec Group, China Pharmaceutical Group, Tianjin Steel-tube Group to special schools for students recruitment, contributed to a number of students after graduation to work for the industry.

With the increase of the width and depth of the Chinese and foreign exchanges, the number of international students in China will also continue to increase. Most of these international students have a friendly and cordial emotion of China, which is a precious wealth. Cherishing this wealth and making full use of the wealth are the new topic of current work for international students. The operation mode of the International Alumni Association of UIBE is proved to be a good attempt.

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