Four School Open Days of special sessions were held for international students


 On October 23rd, 24th, 27th and 31st 2014, our school held four School Open Day for special sessions prepared for international students. During the four school Open Day activities, a total of 12 high school students and teachers visited and held discussions with us ,among which there were more than 320 foreign students and leading teachers who tend to further their study in universities of China .The 12 schools were as following :  Beijing New Talent School, Beijing Jing Yuan School, Beijing Luhe International Education  School, the Ninth Middle School of Beijing, Beijing National Day School, Beijing NO.4 Senior High School, Beijing NO.39 Middle School, Beijing NO.55 Middle School  ,Beijing NO.80 Middle School , the Affiliated High School of Beijing Youth Politics College, and Confucius classroom of Tai Cheng High School in Korea.

According to our School Open Day schedules, foreign students from international divisions of each high schools should get the to the campus at 14 PM. Accompanied by the representative teachers and students of international School for Education, the visiting teachers and students visited Ning Yuan Building, Research Activities Building, School History Museum, student apartments, libraries, and learning center for international students. Students were deeply impressed with the magnificent buildings, perfect teaching and living facilities and beautiful campus environment. Teachers and students were attracted to take pictures in School History Museum and libraries.

At 15 pm,the teachers and students from the 12 middle schools arrived in the Learning Center for International students  building which was located at the  first floor of  Qiu Zhen Building, they received the brochures and other promotional materials and the specially-prepared souvenirs at the entrance. After the teachers and students were seated, Du Peiyuan, the assistant of president and director the recruitment of students and project development firstly welcomed the arrival of the teachers and students, and introduced our secretary who attended the meeting.

Then the director Du Peiyuan played the announcements of the students in our school life for the international students and introduced the development situation of our university students education in China, professional and special projects for international students, which especially focus on the employment of students in our school, designed for students employment Settings "students career guidance center" and "international alumni association" of our school characteristic.

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