Two beautiful Cyprus sisters studying in China


The two sisters Marian (the first one counted from the left) and Sophia (the first one counted from the right) and two teachers

Among the new UIBE international students, a pair of beautiful twins is very attractive. They are Mary Ann and Sophia coming from beautiful island Cyprus. The sisters will start their undergraduate study majoring in international economic and trade.

They could not travel thousands of miles to China without the support of their family .The sister said that their father was a Greek, and as a lawyer, he often offered help to Chinese immigrants, and thus becoming familiar to China. He encouraged his daughters to study abroad in China. While their mother is from Cyprus and works as a Cuban band manager now. The sister told us that their mother always supported whatever they chose.

Compared to other countries, the sisters preferred to China, and they especially liked Chinese ancient buildings. They had a preliminary understanding of the culture and customs of China through Chinese TV programs, the present popular TV shows like “Dad, where are you going?”, “Let us get married" are their favorite .Reading is another way for them to understand Chinese. After reading the book "the most beautiful time" sent by a Chinese friend, they wished to have a deeper understanding of China.

When it comes to education, the sisters said that there were a lot of differences between China and Greek: most of Chinese students regard their teachers as reverence, while in Greek, students and their teachers are more like friends; students in China were put on more stress in elementary and middle schools than in universities, while in Greek, by contrast, students are very relaxed in elementary school and middle school, while college students have a lot of pressure. Of course, they share many similarities as well, for example, they are both countries with a long history and both respect foreign culture as well.

The sisters are satisfied with the school environment and accommodations, care from teachers and Chinese students also make them feel warm. They look forward to going back home in the summer and winter vacation, and wish their father could come to China to see them on business by the way.

When it comes to the city of Beijing, Sophia said: “Beijing is heaven without pollution." But through the news broadcast she also knew that the related departments of government are to handle with environmental pollution. Although the city is not perfect, the sisters still like Beijing very much. They have decided to live in Beijing if they could find a suitable job after graduation. At the same time, they planned to make good use of four years studying in Beijing through visiting places of interest and make friends with Chinese people, by way of which they could be close to China, learn and understand the rich and long culture of China .

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